Toshiba Teli's USB3.0 Bees 10.04.2014

The New Teli Bee – Flying with Sony’s latest CMOS Exmor Global Shutter

Toshiba Teli launches the BU238M/MC USB3.0 camera with Sony’s IMX174 as the new standard in sensor...

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FRAMOS Imaging Products

Image sensors, camera modules, interfaces, cameras, GigE converter, framegrabber, lenses, cables, lightings, software & tools and GPS components.

Engineering Services

Development support for cameras and software.
From the development platform to prototype development, from software and tools to algorithms and design.

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Imaging Solutions

Customized image processing solutions.
Our know-how, combined with the ability to think outside the box, results in tailored image processing solutions.

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Our support is as diverse as the needs of our customers.
Support is not a static factor, but a lively composition of services, characterized by diversified know-how.

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