Fully automated baggage handling at airports

created on 14.02.2011

Even in today's age of automation it is still represented in more than 98% of all airports, that baggage is loaded manually into flight containers. The reason is the high heterogeneity of the luggage, which made ​​the automation solutions too complex. But an automation will come with enormous advantages. These include not only cost savings, but also the protection of company employees. These are currently exposed under intense pressure during the loading operations, which is reflected in average numbers of disease-related failures.


FRAMOS is part of a consortium of experts, which has taken the task of solving this difficult problem.
The basis of the system is the exact three-dimensional measurement of luggage on the system tray. The particular challenge was to find a technology that, despite all surface variations (any color, high gloss to strong matt, structured/unstructured, patterned/homogeneous) provides robust 3D information, which allows further processing of the data.

Autoloader Concept: 1. Control station software, 2. Consistency check (FRAMOS), 3. Baggage measurement (FRAMOS), 4. Baggage buffer, 5. Supply (FRAMOS), 6. Grab system, 7. Industrial robot, 8. ULD container (FRAMOS), 9. ULD delivery, 10. Conveyor

The obtained data is now used in the down streamed packing algorithm to determine the optimal target position in the container. If this position found, the piece of luggage will be fed with a special gripping tool-equipped robot, which then stores it accurately at the target site.

3-dimensional measurement data of the luggage

After the loading process, another 3D camera system determines the new topology of the container and passes, after a target-comparison the deviations back to the packing algorithm. This then adjusts its internal parameters on the true facts.

3-dimensional measurement data of the container interior

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