A-Pix™ Technology drives improved performance for 14MP Image Sensor

created on 28.10.2010

High Speed Solution for Digital Still Cameras with Full High-Definition 1080p/60fps Capability

Aptina™ announced the newest addition to the company’s growing portfolio of high-performance image sensors. The 14 Megapixel (MP) MT9F002 image sensor integrates the company’s latest Aptina™ A-Pix™ pixel technology, resulting in an increase of nearly 25% in low-light sensitivity (CCD-equivalent), and providing greatly enhanced, high-quality still image capture over the company’s previous 14MP image sensor. The high-speed MT9F002 sensor combines an enhanced 1.4-micron pixel with advanced features, such as electronic image stabilization (EIS), and digital re-sampling. The new sensor also has full HD (1080p/60fps) video capability, and flexible, high-speed interface options, including four-lane HiSPi™ (high-speed serial pixel interface) and parallel or four-lane MIPI®. With these features and capabilities, the MT9F002 solution enables a new generation of hybrid and digital still camera (DSC) products and differentiated mainstream solutions.

Aptina’s newly improved MT9F002 builds on the success of the company’s MT9F001, the industry’s first CMOS 14MP specifically for point-and-shoot and hybrid cameras. Improvements to both the sensor’s original design and the company’s 1.4-micron pixel demonstrate Aptina’s commitment to rapidly deliver innovations from the lab into customer products.

“The level of performance achieved by this sensor has exceeded our expectations and that of our customers,” says Sandor Barna, Vice President and General Manager of the Consumer Camera group at Aptina. “With the enhancements that we’ve integrated into this sensor with our innovative pixel technology, we are providing the performance our customers demand.”


  • DigitalClarity® CMOS imaging technology
  • 1.4 μ m pixel with Aptina™ A-Pix technology
  • Simple two-wire serial interface
  • Auto black level calibration
  • Full HD support at 60 fps for maximum video performance
  • 20 percent extra image array area in full HD to enable electronic image stabilization (EIS).
  • Support for external mechanical shutter
  • Support for external LED or xenon flash
  • High frame rate preview mode with arbitrary downsize scaling from maximum resolution
  • Programmable controls: gain, horizontal and vertical blanking, frame size/rate, exposure, left–right and top–bottom image reversal, window size, and panning
  • Data interfaces: parallel or four-lane serial highspeed pixel interface (HiSPi™) differential signaling (sub-LVDS)
  • On-chip phase-locked loop (PLL) oscillator
  • Bayer pattern downsize scaler


  • Digital video cameras
  • Digital still cameras

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