CleverDragon: Robust CCD Cameras with Resolutions up to 5 Megapixels

created on 28.06.2008

Excellent shock and vibration resistance in a light-weight and highly compact case enabling space-saving integration: Depending on the model, the dimensions of the CleverDragon camera chassis are in the range from 29 × 29 × 26,5 mm to 54 × 43 × 69 mm. Camera control and data transfer via CameraLink interface, including PoCL for most of the models, minimises wiring complexity.

The CleverDragon series is available with resolutions starting at 659 × 494 pixels. Using the Sony ICX625ALA (monochrome) or ICX625AQA (RGB) sensor, the new top model offers the maximum resolution, 2456 × 2058 pixels. The global shutter, progressive scan CCD sensors allow distortion-free, high-quality imaging of fast-moving objects including object recognition, parts inspection, quality assurance, and optical barcode and character recognition. At the same time, the 5 megapixel CleverDragon reaches frame rates of up to 15 fps in all pixel readout mode. This rate can be further increased to meet specific requirements using the partiual scan mode where only a selected part of the image lines is read out.