Effi-Lase – LED structured pattern projector by Effilux

created on 06.02.2012

Effi-Lase uses high power LED light and a special optical system to project an extremely thin line on an object to be analyzed. The geometrical shape of the object causes deformations to the projected line. A camera captures the scene and a software algorithm reconstructs the 3D shape of the object.

Traditionally laser projectors are used for this task, however, the LED technology of the Effi-Lase allows for the use of any color (also white) and is therefore applicable to all surface colors. Effi-Lase has the additional benefit of preventing speckles on reflecting surfaces. In terms of work safety the Effi-Lase is highly advantageous compared to ordinary laser projectors.

Example applications I
Line pattern for triangulation


A 3D surface inspection system designed to detect micro defects on a carbon structure for aeronautical applications. The quality of the Effi-Lase line allows the carbon structure manufacturer to detect some defects, which were invisible with classic lasers due to speckle. The zero-speckle line shows improved 3D acquisition accuracy for the reconstruction of small parts, such as teeth, blades or diamonds.
The choice of colours is another asset of the Effi-Lase range, allowing scanning of parts where colours is a challenge, for example in fruit and vegetable inspection.

Example applications II
Cloud of dots pattern for stereo vision using a single camera

Robot guidance using 3D technology could use this technology for bin picking. It enables a single static camera to make 3D depth of field acquisitions. Furthermore, the overall lighting power is significantly higher compared to a laser, without the risk of any ocular hazard. The industrial housing and the application of a LED light source allows Effilux to provide an extremely reliable lighting solution.
Using 2 cameras and Effi-Lase cloud of dots, system integrators have developed software to acquire the angle of view to an object with high accuracy. Others customers have applied this devices to analyse vibrations on turning parts.


  • High accuracy measurement
  • High power: from 1 mW to 15 mWn
  • Perfectly sharp edges
  • No speckle (no diffraction and scattering effects)
  • Excellent illumination uniformity
  • Easy installation
  • No ocular hazards
  • Compact
  • Very long lifetime
  • Adjustable working distance: from 50 mm to 2000 mm
  • Any kind of pattern shape available: line, stripes, cross, circle, mash, cloud of dots
  • Full range of colors from UV to near IR plus white
  • Dimming range of 0-100%
  • C-mount for projection lens


  • Effi-Lase C-Mount – Adjustable mechanic for C-mount and adjustable distance according to applied lens
  • Effi-Lase LF – Lense projection included (creating line projection effect at 500 mm working distance with 100 μm thickness)
  • Effi-Lase Custom –Effilux designs specificly customized products (optical power, mechanics and patterns)
Effilase Pattern Projector