Magic Cube - Toshiba Teli: 2 x 2 x 2 cm, 20g, 90 frames per second

created on 30.03.2012

Ultra compact VGA Machine Vision CCD Camera with PoCL-lite interface

Toshiba Teli’s CleverDragon CSCLV90BC3 is the optimum solution for system integrators and manufacturers looking for a very small, lightweight and rugged camera for high-end CCD image quality. With only 8 cm3, 20 g and 90 fps, it is ideally suited for use in fast-moving robotic arms or pick-and-place machines. If required, the frame rate can be increased by using the partial scan function. The PoCL-Lite interface provides digital data transmission up to 0.85 Gbps and power in just one cable.

The CSCLV90BC3 is also available with five different orientations of the 14-pin PoCL-lite connector. Many manufacturers of frame grabbers, such as Euresys, AdLINK, Silicon Software and Bitflow have successfully qualified the CSCLV90BC3.

Technical Specifications:

Image sensor: Interline 1/3“ CCD sensor, progressive scan
Active pixel: 659(H) x 494(V)
Pixel size: 7.4 μm x7.4 μm
Video output: Camera Link 1.2
Frame rate: 90 fps (all pixels readout mode)
Sensitivity: 600 lx (F5.6)
Gain control: from 0 to +12 dB
Power consumption: approx. 1.3W (in DC12 V)
Lens mount: M10.5 P0.5
External dimension: 20 x 20 x 20 mm (excluding projection parts)
Weight: approx. 20 g

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Toshiba Teli CSCLV90BC3