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New Micron sensor for intelligent automotive applications

created on 28.12.2007

Micron has introduced the MT9V023, the successor of the successful MT9V022. The new 1/3 inch size CMOS sensor has a resolution of 752 pixels × 480 pixels and is designed for topmost reliability within an extreme range of temperatures (-40 °C to +105 °C) and for use under demanding light conditions. Its high dynamic...

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Micron's CMOS- Sensor for High Resolution Surveillance Systems

created on 28.11.2007

The MT9T031 CMOS sensor is well suited for capturing both video and still images. Its rapid highspeed readout, its auto exposure and auto focus features as well as its viewfinder mode all help the chip to eliminate two problems that are frequently found in safety cameras: The delay from one still image to the next and...

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FireDragon: Industrial Cameras with FireWire B Interface

created on 28.10.2007

The FireDragon series progressive scan CCD cameras from Tokyo based camera manufacturer Toshiba Teli are available both with monochrome and colour CCDs. They offer resolutions ranging from VGA (640 pixels × 480 pixels at 90 fps) to XGA (1024 pixels × 768 pixels at 36 fps), to SXGA (1280 pixels × 960 pixels at 20 fps),...

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Framos Imaging Solutions and Toshiba Teli starts partnership for Europe

created on 28.07.2007

Framos Imaging Solutions (Framos Electronic Vertriebs GmbH) announces a partnership with Toshiba Teli for the European market.
The broad product range of the camera manufacturer greatly enriches the choice of components we provide for image processing solutions in the industrial and scientific areas. Cooperating with...

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System-on-a-Chip: 2.0 Megapixel CMOS Camera System for Industrial and Home Security Applications

created on 28.04.2007

Micron‘s System-on-a-Chip facilitates the development of cost-effective industrial and home security cameras offering consistent qual-ity and performance. The CMOS chip supports resolutions of up to 1600 × 1200 pixels and features an integrated real-time JPEG encoder for the streaming display of up to 30 video...

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Infinity Analyze: Software for Infinity Cameras

created on 02.01.2007

The entire Infinity line of USB cameras is delivered with the new Infinity Analyze software. By providing this comprehensive camera and software package, Lumenera opens up a wide range of new possibilities for scientific, medical and industrial users.
Infinity Analyze offers powerful features for camera control and...

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