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La nouvelle caméra Lm11059 de Lumenera

created on 14.11.2011
[Translate to French:] Lumenera Lm11059

Une résolution de11 MP dans un format compact, pour une excellente qualité d'image!
Caméra Haute Résolution 11 mégapixels USB2.0  pour la surveillance routière, l'inspection de surfaces planes, la science du vivant, la documentation en très haute résolution.
This progressive scan digital camera is built for rugged...

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FRAMOS a reçu la visite de Florian Hahn MdB(CSU)

created on 15.11.2011
[Translate to French:] Florian Hahn, with Dr. Simon Che'Rose

MdB Florian Hahn, CSU member of German Bundestag with direct mandate in the constituency Munich, visited our headquarters in Pullach on November 2nd 2011.

As part of a company tour our guest was explained the advanced technologies of image processing and the various possibilities of their use.

MdB Hahn was informed...

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FRAMOS Trend Studies 2011

created on 05.11.2011
FRAMOS Trend Studies

International Trends 2011 - Industrial Cameras

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Plateforme caméra VFU de Visiosens

created on 28.09.2011
[Translate to French:] Visiosens VFU Camera Platform

Caméras USB customisées pour les Industries High-Tech

La nouvelle série de caméras VF n'est pas seulement une gamme de caméras, c'est une plateforme flexible et personnalisable avec plus de 200...

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Did you know, that FRAMOS also encourages artistic creativity?

created on 24.08.2011

As part of the companies values creativity is subject to daily challenges amongst colleagues and also in the support of young artists.
Dr Andreas Franz loves the idea to encourage artists especially in the imaging field. “As first step we have chosen an artist team, we know, to freely explore our slogan “Engineering...

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Le décollage des technologies du traitement de l'image

created on 25.08.2011
[Translate to French:] FRAMOS Round Table

[Texte en Anglais] The history of image processing, the latest developments and predictions for the future were the main topics which occupied experts invited to a round table discussion on 14.07.2011 at FRAMOS GmbH in Pullach. To mark its 30 year anniversary, a group of knowledgeable specialists from the sector met to...

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Notre site Web prend un coup de jeune !!!

created on 25.08.2011
[Translate to French:] New Website

[Texte en Anglais] We have restructured our website and creatively adapted it to our new look. But we mainly optimized it!
The following content can be found in our main navigation:


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Le standard 10 GigE prêt à relever le défi ?

created on 25.07.2011
[Translate to French:] GigE Vision over 10 GigE

[Texte en Anglais] The idea of a video interface technology that could take advantage of standard Ethernet platforms took hold in 2003, and became ratified by the Automated Imaging Association (AIA) as the GigE Vision® standard in 2006. Not long after ratification, the machine vision market embraced GigE Vision and it...

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Pleora’s new iPORT Analog-Pro IP Engine

created on 07.06.2011
Pleora iPORT Analog Pro

Add high-value analog cameras to your video network
Expand your GigE Vision® video network to include analog cameras with Pleora’s iPORT™ Analog-Pro IP engine . Compact and simple to integrate, the iPORT Analog-Pro IP engine transmits high-quality video from analog cameras with low, predictable latency. Able to...

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Lumenera relance la caméra Infinity Lite

created on 26.07.2011
[Translate to French:] Lumenera Infinity Lite

Low cost scientific digital camera for documentation in Life Science, Clinical and Material Science Applications
The Infinity Lite is specifically designed for the educational market as well as entry level microscopy applications. It is a compact, affordable micros­copy camera that delivers outstanding image quality...

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