Générateur d'impulsions / Contrôleur LED : Smartek IPSC4

created on 19.03.2012

Contrôleur d'éclairages LED 4 canaux hautes performances.

Les contrôleurs d'éclairages LED de Smartek sont reconnus dans la vision industrielle pour leur puissance et leur précision. Le dernier modèle IPSC4-r2 ne déçoit pas, il produit pour chacun de ses 4 canaux des impulsions jusqu'à 10A d'une durée qui peut descendre à 1µs. La résolution des impulsions programmées du IPSC4-r2 atteint la microseconde pour un courant ajustable au milliAmpère.

[Détails en Anglais] Strobe Controllers are applied to create a flash with an LED light at the exposure moment of a camera. This allows for operating LED illumination devices way beyond their standard mode. Due to ultra-short but high power switching, the achieved luminance intensity can be significantly increased with reduced thermal effects for the LEDs.

With superior performance characteristics, uncompromising reliability and highly attractive price points the Strobe Controllers of Smartek assert themselves as preferred solution in more and more and ever demanding Machine Vision applications.

Furthermore the whole Strobe Controller series comes with a rich feature set: up to 4 parallel channels, power out interface for a cooling fan, and comfortable Ethernet or RS232 access to the controller settings.

Key Benefits & Features:

  • 4 output channels
  • Comfortable controller interface over Ethernet and RS232
  • Max. current pulse 10A @ 200V per channel
  • Max. continuous current 570mA @ 30V per channel
  • Pulse width 1μs to 1000ms
  • Very small trigger latency ~2μs
  • Online current and voltage measurements
  • Temperature sensor
  • Digital EEPROM lighthead coding
  • 4 trigger inputs, 5V to 24V level
  • 24V DC Power supply
  • 24V DC Output for lighthead cooling fan
  • Analog ID (AID) and AID check mode
  • Robust and compact anodized aluminum case
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