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For a simple way to get into image processing

created on 19.11.2014
Datalogic P-Series

FRAMOS launches Datalogic’s P-Series
According to the latest market research conducted by FRAMOS, almost 60% of all image processing users would like to install new systems within the next two years. The most important features are usability and straightforward integration. This is also reflected in the market’s...

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Evaluation Results of FRAMOS Market Survey 2014

created on 11.11.2014
Market Survey 2014

Industrial cameras, their market and their technical features

What is the status quo of the imaging market, and how will it develop in future? For the 7th year in a row, international image processing specialist FRAMOS has conducted a survey of manufacturers and users of industrial cameras in collaboration with...

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Does the ring fit? The laser knows!

created on 23.10.2014
Stihl Motor Production

FRAMOS provides Stihl with an optical test method to ensure quality piston production, greatly enhancing the reliability and cost efficiency of quality control.
“Made by Stihl” is a worldwide byword for top-quality products and processes. With core areas of expertise in the development, manufacture and sale of power...

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FRAMOS is pleased to announce its new co-operation with Hitachi to supply specialist Chassis Cameras

created on 21.10.2014
Hitachi Cooperation

FRAMOS is pleased to announce its new co-operation with Hitachi to distribute the range High Definition and Standard Definition Chassis Cameras with enhance low light performance, high frame rate and global shutter options.  Hitachi's high quality compact chassis cameras modules are designed for easy integration into a...

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With FRAMOS into space: Sunex Lens goes ISS in the Fruit Fly Lab

created on 16.10.2014
Fruitfly Lab

As part of the biological research project “Fruit Fly Lab” from NASA’s Ames Research Center, the Sunex Lens DSL215 is expected to reach outer space in December 2014. The Fruit Fly Lab provides a research platform aboard the International Space Station (ISS) for long-duration fruit fly experiments in space.

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Electronica 2014

created on 14.10.2014
Electronica 2014

From image acquisition to image display – FRAMOS presents a wide range of image processing components at Electronica
The biggest selection of image sensors and a unique portfolio of industrial cameras and accessories combined with individual engineering services – all served up by FRAMOS at “Electronica” from 11 to 14...

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Cooperation with Riken Dengu Seizo Co.Ltd.

created on 25.09.2014
Riken Dengu Seizo Camera Specialist

FRAMOS is pleased to announce its co-operation with RIKEN DENGU SEIZO CO. LTD. to supply specialist cameras

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Vision 2014

created on 11.09.2014
Vision 2014

4.-6. Novembre, Stoccarda, Hall 1 Stand D42/C42

FRAMOS espone soluzioni innovative per numerose applicazioni di imaging
A Novembre si terrà la fiera “Vision 2014”, principale punto di riferimento internazionale per chi opera in ambito di elaborazione delle immagini.
Saranno esposte tutte le novità hardware e...

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VREO offers USB3.0 interface and software for the SONY FCB-MA130 camera module

created on 09.09.2014
Vreo USB3.0 Interface Board

VREO Innovation, a company that is a rising star in the UK, has developed a USB3.0 interface for the Sony FCB-MA130 miniature camera module, with automatic control of exposure time, gain,...

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New high-speed camera is paving the way to new applications and lower costs

created on 02.09.2014
10GigE Interface

20 megapixels, 32 frames per second, 10 Gigabit Ethernet video interface
Emergent Vision Technologies is the world’s first provider of high-speed cameras with a video interface based on 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GigE), which has for years been the standard in modern IT networks. The flexible camera series consists of...

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