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FRAMOS Introduces Reference Design Kits (RDK) for new Sony CMOS sensors

created on 24.09.2015
FRAMOS Reference Design Kit

With CCD technology, designing a camera around a vision sensor is a rather complex task. By using a CMOS sensor, the task is much easier for manufacturers looking to develop cameras, even in lower volumes and for special applications.
With the announcement of its Reference Design Kits (RDK) for Sony CMOS sensors,...

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Visual equations that can always be solved!

created on 18.09.2015
Robert Götzfried | Young Art Collection

This year, the image processing specialist FRAMOS has chosen the work of the Munich photographer Robert Götzfried for its Young Art Collection. The global organisation supports an up-and-coming artist every year. The work of Robert Götzfried will perfectly complement the design and architecture of the company's...

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More Sustainability due to Vision-based Recycling

created on 01.09.2015
Vision-based recycling

Recycling valuable substances is one of the most important tasks for saving the environment. However, there are many obstacles, especially in the area of electronic waste. The Swedish start-up company Refind Technologies wishes to ensure more sustainability with machines that automatically sort batteries or small...

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How SMARTEK Vision goes the CMOS way and enables tailor-made industrial cameras

created on 25.08.2015
Smartek goes the CMOS way

Damir Dolar, Head of Development, talks about the transition process, SMARTEK’s roadmap and the advantages of a modular European camera production.
Damir Dolar, Head of Development, SMARTEK VisionMr. Dolar, how did SMARTEK react when the discontinuation of Sony’s CCD technology was announced?
At SMARTEK Vision, we are an innovative European camera manufacturer and...

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New FRAMOS VLG Feature - Bulge Measurement to Streamline Automated Logistic Chains

created on 30.07.2015
FRAMOS VLG Bulge Measurement

For Food Distribution, bulge and shape inspection is an important feature in automated storage and handling systems for all types of cartons in industrial logistic processes and Stock Keeping Units (SKU’s). As a quality check it is essential to automatically recognise damaged cartons and SKUs before they enter the...

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created on 16.07.2015
FRAMOS Market Survey 2015

Dear valued Business Partner,
FRAMOS once again cordially invites you to participate in our international market survey for 2015, in cooperation with the journals INSPECT and Vision Systems Design. The survey aims to deliver a detailed analysis of the current status and future development of the industry from the...

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FRAMOS VLG - Increasing efficiency and performance through the automation of logistics processes

created on 14.07.2015

Manual processes, too much system downtime and lots of potential for optimisation - in order to improve the performance of intralogistics systems and make them competitive under the heading of Industry 4.0, existing process and logistics systems have to be redefined and modernised. Using the

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EMVA presents Young Professional Award for medical tracking system to Benjamin Busam of FRAMOS

created on 19.06.2015
EMVA Young Professional Award

For the development of an optical tracking system for medical applications the EMVA has awarded Benjamin Busam of FRAMOS the annual Young Professional Award. The prize for innovative image processing solutions by young professionals was presented at the 13th EMVA conference in Athens where Busam demonstrated the...

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FRAMOS Imaging Systems expands their Logistics Solutions

created on 18.06.2015
Michael Schalk Senior Account Manager

Michael Schalk, FRAMOS Senior Account ManagerSince mid-June Michael Schalk is the senior account manager responsible for the expansion of the logistics solutions market at the image processing specialists FRAMOS.
Dr. Simon Che'Rose, head of FRAMOS Imaging Systems: "Michael Schalk is responsible for the sales of our logistics solutions and for development of...

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The New Generation of SONY Global Shutter CMOS image sensors: SONY Pregius IMX250/252

created on 10.06.2015
The New Generation of SONY Global Shutter CMOS image sensors

5 MP and 3.2 MP CMOS image sensors with 3.45 µm pixels for industrial applications
Industrial applications require precise image acquisition for fast-moving objects. In order to solve this problem, Sony has developed the next generation of CMOS image sensors with global shutter function. At just 3.45 µm, these pixels...

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