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A New Generation of Strobe Controller with Unbeaten Power Performance - SMARTEK Vision Introduces the HPSC-Series

created on 16.11.2015
SMARTEK Vision HPSC Strobe Controller

Machine vision applications from factory automation to traffic control benefit significantly from the performance of their illumination system. SMARTEK Strobe Controllers are designed for industrial imaging applications where fast moving objects need to be captured with minimal image blur. Due to ultra-short but high...

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FRAMOS Engineers Complete Basic AIA Certified Vision Professional Program

created on 16.11.2015
FRAMOS Engineers comple basic AIA Certified Vision Professional Program

In a world full of experts, it is important to work with reliable partners. With nearly 35 years of vision experience, the global imaging provider FRAMOS group is a pioneer with a deep knowledge from sensors to vision solutions. By completing the AIA Certified Vision Program in early October, FRAMOS engineers Darren...

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Application Food Logistics „at its best“ - Logistic Automation with Imaging

created on 09.11.2015
Image Recognition in Food Logistics Coop

Price competition in the food trade is extremely tough. This is why efficient processes play an important role, and logistics is no exception. FRAMOS worked with a major food retailer to automate its central warehouse. FRAMOS solutions were installed at various processing stations, using traditional imaging processing,...

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Euresys’ High Performance Frame Grabbers Bring FullHD Clarity to Medical Applications

created on 05.11.2015
Euresys Picolo HD

With its complete range of PICOLO HD video capture cards, Euresys, developer of high performance frame grabbers with 25 years’ experience in industrial machine vision, brings the clarity of real-time FullHD 1080p video to single camera applications. In combination with the full support of Euresys’ distributor, FRAMOS,...

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Evaluation Results of FRAMOS Market Survey 2015

created on 03.11.2015
Market Survey 2015

Industrial cameras, their markets and their technical features

In collaboration with the trade magazines Vision Systems Design and Inspect, imaging specialist FRAMOS conducts an annual survey of trends and future developments in the industry from both the user and manufacturer’s perspectives. In this 8th edition of...

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FRAMOS presents high-precision Optical Tracking System for 3D medical technology at the MEDICA 2015

created on 22.10.2015
FRAMOS presents high-precision Optical Tracking System

FRAMOS Imaging Systems has developed a real-time Optical Tracking System (OTS), which provides precise information on the position and orientation of objects in three-dimensional space and sets new standards in...

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FRAMOS introduces the Videology 21K17, a CCD solution for specific industrial surveillance

created on 22.10.2015
FRAMOS introduces the Videology 21K17

Sony has announced to stop production of CCD sensors. Somewhere in 2016 companies still having CCD sensors in use need its transition strategy in place. As well if after the application check the advantages CCD sensors offer are still higher as changing to CMOS, particularly if high light sensitivity and global shutter...

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FRAMOS Expands SONY Partnership in North America to FCB Block Camera Line

created on 21.10.2015
FRAMOS Expands SONY Partnership in North America

Ottawa, ON, 19. Oct. 2015 – The FRAMOS Group, a global supplier of imaging products, custom vision solutions and OEM services, today announced that its North American subsidiary, FRAMOS Technologies, has broadened its existing partnership with SONY to include their FCB, XC, XCD and CVY camera lines.
Sony FCB Block Camera“For FRAMOS...

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SMARTEK GCP series with the next generation of Sony Pregius

created on 15.10.2015
SMARTEK Vision GCP2061/2461

SMARTEK Vision is extending its Giganetix Plus camera series with the GCP2061 and GCP2461 models. These new industrial cameras are equipped with the latest Sony Pregius Exmor image sensors

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A cost-effective solution to avoid image sensor damage during PCB assembly

created on 08.10.2015
Andon Sensor Sockets

Soldering image sensors directly to the PCB can be a very risky and expensive practice in terms of damaging the color array during soldering, scratching the glass cover during cleaning, blistering the PCB when de-soldering a faulty device, and more. With

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