Guinness Book World Record is set by using Lumenera Cameras

created on 02.07.2012

The largest gound-based digital lunar mosaic is created using SKYnyx2-0 and INFINITY2-1 CCD cameras.

Author: Lumenera Corporation,

An incredibly Ambitious Project Delivers a Beautiful Record Breaking image
The 'Lunar World Record Team', featuring some of the world’s foremost amateur astronomy imagers from the UK, gathered to create a high resolution image of the moon larger than any other taken by ground-based astronomers.

Fig.1: Largest image of the moon

An image of the Moon is Created Which Eclipses Any Other
The aim was to image the Moon at very high focal lengths using Lumenera’s professional astronomy cameras, combined with high-end amateur telescopes and special software, to capture close to 1.2 million video frames of the 9-day old Moon over a single night.
Each telescope would take an image of a small section of the lunar surface at high resolution and these would be assembled, like a giant jigsaw puzzle, into a complete image. 288 individual images were meticulously pieced together and colour balanced to create a seamless single mosaic. The record breaking mosaic is 87.4 megapixel in resolution with a Moon diameter of approximately 9550 pixels, allowing for features as small 0.6 miles to be seen.
To achieve the high focal length needed for the Guinness World Record the 'Lunar World Record Team' chose Lumenera’s SKYnyx2-0 and INFINITY2-1 CCD cameras. The cameras, running at 30 fps, were used with a red filter which included IR block coating to prevent blooming and glare in the night time images. The team also used Lumenera’s LuCam Software to gather the captured data from the cameras.

Fig.2: Lumenera's Infinity2-1 and SKYnyx2-0

World Record is Set for a Worthy Cause
All proceeds from the use of the final image are being donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, a charity designed by Sir Patrick Moore. In addition, all team members contributed their time for free on this record setting project.

Lumenera SKYnyx & Infinity2