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FREE webinar on revolutionary Quanta Image Sensors

created on 19.01.2015
Quanta Image Sensor

Wednesday, January 28, 2015, 1 p.m. EST

Webinar Quanta Image SensorsDemand for high sensitivity and high dynamic range motivates new approaches for image sensors.
The quanta image sensor (QIS) concept involves counting individual photons on sensors made of 1 billion or more specialized sub-diffraction-limit photodetectors (called jots). A series...

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Moving towards Logistics 4.0 and low throughput times with volume measuring from FRAMOS

created on 15.01.2015
FRAMOS VLG - Volume & Dimension Measurement System

All manufacturing industries are currently going through a period of change under the banner of Industry 4.0, many using innovative image processing technologies and systems in the areas of automation, robotics and quality assurance. The logistics industry in particular is faced with a large number of challenges when...

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Why I think Sony got it right when they created the IMX174

created on 14.01.2015
Why I think Sony got it right when they created the IMX174

A personal recommendation by FRAMOS’ Darren Bessette

There are a lot of sensor choices available now to camera designers and imaging solution providers, available in both CMOS and CCD technologies, with each one having their advantages and weaknesses. Sony is starting to blur the lines between these technologies with...

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Customs duties resuspended as cost factor for CMOS sensors

created on 13.01.2015
Customs duties resuspended as cost factor for CMOS sensors

As early as 2013, FRAMOS GmbH achieved a Europe-wide suspension of customs duties on CMOS image sensors with the support of two members of the German Bundestag (lower house of parliament) and the industrial association VDMA. Now the custom duties, which represent a considerable cost factor, have been re-suspended for...

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Evaluation Results of FRAMOS Market Survey 2014

created on 11.11.2014
Market Survey 2014

Industrial cameras, their market and their technical features

What is the status quo of the imaging market, and how will it develop in future? For the 7th year in a row, international image processing specialist FRAMOS has conducted a survey of manufacturers and users of industrial cameras in collaboration with...

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