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SMARTEK Vision Giganetix camera highlights

created on 19.05.2015
SMARTEK Vision Highlights

Sony’s Pregius IMX249 and genuine multi-ROI

SMARTEK Vision’s flagship Giganetix Plus (GCP) camera series, is one of the first camera lines on the market to include Sony Pregius Exmor CMOS sensor technology with the IMX174 sensor being used in the GCP1931 camera. The little brother of this sensor, the IMX249 is now...

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FRAMOS supports Doctors Without Borders and other charitable organisations

created on 12.05.2015
FRAMOS civic engagement

Civic engagement is of great importance to the image processing specialist FRAMOS. The family company based in Munich sponsors local artists, regularly supports humanitarian projects and organises day care centres and places in nurseries, on behalf of its employees.
FRAMOS has decided to send Christmas cards and...

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Pleora Product News: Better connections to USB 3.0 Vision and via WiFi

created on 30.04.2015
Pleora News Collection

The Canadian hardware supplier Pleora, known in the industry sector for its high-performance video connections, has planned many new products and product upgrades for 2015. The key focus is on the expanding USB 3.0 Vision standard and wireless transmission systems.
Hannes Driessen, Line Manager at Pleora’s distributor...

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FRAMOS update regarding SONY’s final discontinuation process for CCD sensors

created on 29.04.2015

Further to our last announcement, we are now able to provide the updated and final end-of-life (EOL) procedure for the official Sony CCD sensor discontinuation.
As the main distributor for Europe and America, FRAMOS is requested on behalf of Sony Japan to share this information with our customer base.

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Better view and greater safety in aircraft

created on 28.04.2015
Better view and greater safety in aircraft

With camera components from FRAMOS, the French camera specialist Otonomy Aviation provides through the use of external HD cameras a better view and more safety in air traffic.
The French start-up Otonomy Aviation provides a better view and greater safety using the technology pioneer’s externally mounted...

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Employee-friendly work stations, effective 3D production and innovative clean room islands

created on 08.04.2015
FRAMOS EU Projects

FRAMOS supports trendsetting EU research projects with image processing expertise
In order to build and expand image processing and its benefits for industry, the global image processing specialist FRAMOS is supporting several EU-funded projects with research resources and know-how. The Munich-based company is...

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What is Sony’s Exmor Technology Anyway?

created on 02.04.2015
What is Sony’s Technology Anyway?

A personal CMOS tutorial by FRAMOS’ Darren Bessette

I was just as surprised as all of you were when I heard the news that Sony is discontinuing their CCD line of sensors. I have always been a big fan of their CCDs since the first time I saw the ICX205 sensor in 2003. And with the recent introduction of their EXview...

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SONY to focus on CMOS technology - CCD sensor production to end

created on 31.03.2015
Sony CCD production ends

Sony has announced it will discontinue the production of CCD imaging sensors in 2020/2025 and invest $900 Million USD in CMOS technology.
The Japanese world market leader for imaging sensors will focus on CMOS sensor technology and cease production of CCD sensors within the next 5 to 10 years. This news follows the...

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Whitepaper: How to Automate Manufacturing with Imaging

created on 26.03.2015
Whitepaper How to Automate Manufacturing with Imaging

The Optimal Approach and Appropriate Technologies for Manufacturing Automation
Automation is one of the most important steps toward Industry 4.0. Machine vision is a suitable technology for all sectors and industries improving quality and increasing the efficiency of production lines.
The White Paper elucidates the...

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More user-friendly laser tracking systems

created on 23.03.2015
More user-friendly laser tracking system from Leica

High-tech businesses set high performance expectations for portable coordinate measuring devices used for controls and quality assurance in their manufacturing plants. By integrating innovative camera and sensor technology from FRAMOS, one of the market leaders in this segment, Leica Geosystems AG has now set new...

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