Imaging Products

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Through our close and long-term partnerships with numerous highly regarded manufacturers, we’re able to provide you with our wide, market-driven, efficient, tried and tested range of different types of image sensors, cameras, optics, lighting, cables and image acquisition components.

  • Sensors

    Area and line scan image sensors, CCD and CMOS technology, sensor evaluation boards, sensor sockets, timer ICs and further peripherals.

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  • Cameras

    More than 1000 different area scan cameras, 10 brands, over 8 interface standards, up to 29 megapixels resolution, down to 20x20 mm footprint.

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  • Image Acquisition

    Complete range of robust and innovative image acquisition tools like internal and external frame grabbers, interface boards and IP packages for interface boards.

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    Image Acquisition
  • Optics

    Full range of lenses for machine vision, IP security and CCTV applications, as well as telecentric, macro, fish-eye and high-quality measuring lenses, lens holders and various filters.

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  • Illumination

    Comprehensive portfolio of back lights, bar lights, ring lights, dark field lights dome lights, coaxial and spot lights, as well as line and pattern projectors, strobe controllers and accessories.

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  • Cabling

    Wide range of ready to order cables for all established interface types, such as: USB2.0, USB3.0, FireWire, GigE, CameraLink and Analogue.

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  • Software

    Broad choice of software tools for all industrial and scientific image processing applications and digital video recording.

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  • Test Equipment

    Test equipment for image quality measurement, such as uniform test illuminations and test charts.

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    Test Equipment
  • Accessories

    For the start-up of your image processing system, we complete our portfolio with tripods, adapters, power supplies and further accessories.

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  • Computers

    PCs designed for image processing with multi-camera support for seamless integration into standard factory networks.

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  • Displays

    OLED panels with a wide gamut, fast response time, increased contrast and lifetime. Suitable for medical, broadcasting and microscopy application.

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  • Positioning & Timing

    Advanced positioning technology components for GPS and GNSS, such as positioning and timing receiver modules, antennas, cables and accessories.

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    Positioning & Timing
  • DVB Components

    Digital Video Broadcasting
    Broad choice of DVB demodulators from Sony for all different transmission media, such as DVB-S, DVB-C, DVB-T.

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    DVB - Digital Video Broadcasting