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Faster Railway Inspection with flexible Connectivity

created on 07.04.2014
Pleora Railway Inspection

In a mobile railway inspection system, Camera Link Full cameras are installed on railcars or service vehicles to detect damage to the rail and track components. With the iPORT CL-Ten Full, image feeds from Camera Link Full cameras are converted to a GigE Vision-compliant video stream, aggregated onto a single network,...

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Tire-Test Machine Features Lumenera’s Lu105M USB 2.0 Digital Camera

created on 06.04.2014
Lumenera Tyre Inspection

1.3 MP 2.0 USB camera from Lumenera is implemented in new tire-testing machine to provide precise image results in real-time that are easily interpreted by a technician - Testing a tire through the conventional standard using shearography - a technique developed more than 25 years ago - could take up to 20 minutes and...

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FRAMOS Market Survey 2013

created on 04.11.2013
Market Survey 2013

FRAMOS GmbH and the specialist magazine INSPECT have carried out their sixth survey on “Industrial Cameras and their Technical Features”. The vast array of opinions that continue to exist between manufacturers and users provide informative indicators for future market development.

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Use of Image Processing ensures Precision Welding

created on 05.06.2013
BF Tank Welding System

A fuel tank welding system from BF-Maschinen meets the highest requirements of the automotive industry, thanks to an optical stereo image processing system from FRAMOS. The image processing system ensures optimum positioning of the elements to be connected during the welding process.

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Machine Vision 4 Users

Intelligent Image Processing for Reliable Quality Judgements

created on 20.03.2013
SQB Quality

A keener eye for quality assurance – this is the aim of an application developed by Steinbeis Qualitätssicherung und Bildverarbeitung GmbH (SQB GmbH) for one of its clients. Integrated in this system, among other things, are SMARTEK Vision cameras and SQB’s own lighting controller, the “QI Flash Control”, an innovate...

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FRAMOS Market Survey 2012

created on 28.10.2012
Market Survey 2012

A clear trend towards higher resolution and a higher frame rate - FRAMOS GmbH and the specialist magazine INSPECT have carried out their fifth survey on "Cameras in Professional Imaging 2012". This year's survey, which focused on industrial applications, gave a consistent picture of how close the manufacturers' claims...

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Digital Cameras in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for Military and Commercial Uses

created on 03.10.2012
Lumenera Lg 11059

Lg11059 offers complete imaging solution for the growing UAV market.
An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is an aircraft that flies without a human pilot onboard, controlled remotely or flown autonomously via pre-programmed flight plans or other automated guidance systems.

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A 10 Gigabit Ethernet Video Transmitter Hits the Market

created on 09.07.2012
CL-Ten IP engine

New Pleora iPORT CL-Ten IP engine.
Blazing a trail into new territory is Pleora Technologies and their recent release of a 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) video transmitter.


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„The Forklift Eye“ – Research Project of Munich University of Technology relies on SMARTEK

created on 01.05.2012
Forkeye Lift

Researchers at the Institute of Materials Handling, Material Flow, Logistics (fml) have formed an industrial consortium and are developing a system for optimising transport processes using cameras and lighting controllers from SMARTEK.

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Vision Systems Design

'Open Hardware Concept'

created on 05.02.2012
Open Hardware Concept

Open camera access - use your own expertise.
The new Open Hardware Concept by Visiosens and FRAMOS opens up the potential for end user product innovation. The platform allows you to implement algorithms directly on the camera, offering you unconstrained use of your personal expertise, so that you can add your own...

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