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The “Forklift truck eye” automates logistics through image processing and SMARTEK Vision

created on 25.08.2014
Forklift Eye

Globalisation and individualisation – these are the mega-trends that have allowed the explosive growth in the global movement of goods to persist for so many years. In addition to transporting goods, their storage also plays a critical role. In production as well as in logistics, the automation technology represents a...

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Revealing the apparently invisible on new levels

created on 10.08.2014
Aleksy Aleksjew

Every year FRAMOS, the image processing specialists who enable precise industrial process analysis, purchases a piece by a young artist. The global player from Munich, by doing so, creates a link between technology and art, and helps encourage and support new talent.
In his series "Zoo!" the artist Aleksy Aleksjew...

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Pleora’s first wireless embedded video interface

created on 07.08.2014
Pleora’s iPORT™ NTx-W

Pleora’s iPORT™ NTx-W Embedded Video Interface provides systems manufacturers and integrators with a straightforward way to integrate GigE Vision®...

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Videology Introduces Super-Speed UVC Compliant Compact USB 3.0 Board Camera

created on 05.08.2014
Videology 24CxUSB3.0

Dutch camera manufacturer Videology has released its latest encoder board set, 24CxUSB3.0, a new line of USB 3.0, UVC Compliant, high data rate cameras capable of streaming full HD images without compression. The camera can be used without any external driver whilst using the unitary UVC drivers as many webcams do....

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New CoaXPress Series from Euresys Framegrabbers

created on 31.07.2014
Euresys CoaxLink

Ultimate Performance for High Speed Machine Vision Applications
Euresys‘ Coaxlink is a series of four frame grabbers which acquire images from the fastest, highest resolution...

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FRAMOS Market Survey 2014

created on 17.07.2014
FRAMOS Market Survey 2014

Dear valued Business Partner,
FRAMOS once again cordially invites you to participate in our international market survey for 2014, entitled:
“Industrial Cameras, their Technical Features and the Market”
The survey aims to deliver a detailed analysis of the current status and future development of the industry from...

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Lumenera ties up a magnificent INFINITY Fluorescence Camera Series package

created on 15.07.2014
Lumenera Infinity Advanced

Based on the INFINITY3 series cameras (including the new INFINITY3-3UR USB3.0 research-grade microscopy camera), Lumenera Corporation bundles additional software features ideal...

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Sebastien Dignard appointed President of FRAMOS Technologies Inc.

created on 09.07.2014
FRAMOS, Sebastien Dignard

...and will lead the expansion into the North American market
The FRAMOS Group, Europe’s premier supplier of imaging products, custom solutions and OEM engineering services, today announced the appointment of Sebastien Dignard as the President of FRAMOS Technologies Inc.
As President of Ottawa based FRAMOS...

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FRAMOS focuses on growth: new management for distribution of sensors

created on 01.07.2014
FRAMOS, Axel Krepil

Mr Axel Krepil assumes leadership of the pan-European distribution of sensor components at image processing specialist FRAMOS, Munich from 1st July 2014.
Axel Krepil joins FRAMOS from Cypress Semi-conductor, where he was Senior Distribution Manager for Central, East and South Europe.  An Electrical Engineering...

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Emergent & FRAMOS are setting new standards for high speed machine vision applications

created on 18.06.2014
Emergent Vision HS20000

Emergent Vision’s HS-20000 is setting new standards in ultra-fast high speed imaging for industrial vision applications. Capable of 32 fps at 20 megapixels, the HS-20000 is a breakthrough for the industry, increasing production while maximizing resolution.
The HS-20000 is ideal for industrial and medical systems...

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