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The New Teli Bee – Flying with Sony’s latest CMOS Exmor Global Shutter

created on 10.04.2014
Toshiba Teli's USB3.0 Bees

Toshiba Teli launches the BU238M/MC USB3.0 camera with Sony’s IMX174 as the new standard in sensor technology
Made for high speed or low light factory automation or machine vision...

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Emergent Vision voted third in ‘Product of the Year 2014’, ‘Elektronik’ magazine

created on 09.04.2014
Product of the Year

The 10 GigE camera HS-4000 from Emergent Vision was voted 3rd in the Automation category of the ‘Product of the Year 2014’ awards. The award was determined by readers of the prestigious German magazine ‘Elektronik'. For the Canadian imaging newcomer Emergent Vision the step on the winner’s podium is a very important...

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Faster Railway Inspection with flexible Connectivity

created on 03.04.2014
Pleora iPORT CL-Ten

Deploy Camera Link Full cameras in multipoint, real-time video networks using low-cost, long-distance Ethernet cabling
Camera Link Full cameras are typically deployed in railway inspection systems due to their high-bandwidth performance, but designers must compensate for the camera’s complex, limited reach cabling and...

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FRAMOS expands imaging expert team to North America

created on 27.03.2014
FRAMOS goes North America

Ottawa, N.C. – FRAMOS, one of the most respected leaders in Machine Vision, has expanded its operations to North America and opened FRAMOS Technologies Inc. in Ottawa, Canada.
“Our aim is to enable our customers as manufacturers, system integrators, and researchers to apply and benefit from machine vision and imaging...

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FRAMOS sells Datalogic Embedded Systems for maximum performance in image processing

created on 20.03.2014
Datalogic Vision Processors

In order for companies to benefit more significantly from the use of image processing in production automation and quality assurance, the barriers to entry – such as high development and integration costs – must be lowered. Above all, the incalculable cost of algorithms and software development is a risk that frightens...

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Fewer cables, more flexibility!

created on 17.03.2014

SMARTEK Vision Giganetix series now with Power over Ethernet

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Whitepaper: Image processing in the age of 10 Gigabit Ethernet

created on 12.03.2014
Whitepaper 10GigE

High resolution, high speed and low cost:
CameraLink®, CoaXPress® or GigE Vision® over 10GigE?

The progress of industrial camera and quality inspection systems is based on new sensors with higher resolutions and higher frame rates. The use of these sensors in fields of automotive, manufacturing, medical, packaging...

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New USB3.0 Camera Lt365R from Lumenera with Latest CCD Sensor Technology

created on 20.02.2014
Lumenera Lt365R

Low Noise and Ultra Sensitivity on 2.8 Megapixels at 53 Frames p. sec.
The new Lt365R from Lumenera is based on the novel Sony CCD sensor ICX674 with proven performance, outstanding image quality, low noise and high sensitivity. Featuring a 2.8 megapixel resolution, USB 3.0 interface and a high-speed global shutter,...

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FRAMOS VLG - Robust Plug & Play Volume Measurement in Logistics

created on 04.02.2014
FRAMOS VLG - Volume & Dimension Measurement System

Modern, economic and efficient logistics management is faced with many challenges: From packet and baggage processing, storage and transport optimisation to automated commissioning with sorting and positioning tasks – high-performance process automation and seamless quality assurance provide a decisive cost...

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Tyre-Test Machine Features Lumenera’s Lu105M 2.0 USB Digital Camera

created on 03.02.2014
Lumenera Lu105

1.3 MP USB 2.0 Camera from Lumenera is implemented in new tyre-testing machine to provide precise image results in real-time that are easily interpreted by a technician.
Testing a tyre through the conventional standard using shearography - a technique developed more than 25 years ago - could take up to 20 minutes and...

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