Image Processing for Mobility Concepts

High levels of road safety and intelligent transport management

Increasing volumes of traffic and the growing complexity of transport systems represent a major challenge for society. Large cities are increasingly faced with a shortage of parking space and with the need to monitor public transport systems. Car manufacturers, mobility providers, logistics experts and regional and local authorities are working closely on developing mobility concepts such as autonomous vehicles, intelligent car sharing systems, reliable monitoring and control functions and networked traffic management (ITS). Image processing is one of the basic technologies which can help to overcome a number of these challenges. In the automotive sector, image sensors and their evaluation algorithms function as the "eyes" of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and collision warning systems. In the near future, networked vehicles will be able to communicate with one another and with traffic guidance systems, car parks and car sharing communities, which will make travelling easier and safer. These communication systems will be based on cameras with a high image recognition accuracy in poor light conditions that can provide evaluated data in real time.

As part of its broad-based product portfolio, which ranges from sensors to complete systems, FRAMOS offers a variety of cameras and lighting concepts for system integrators. The increasingly high resolution of the cameras, combined with their high frame rate, is an important requirement for processing data such as the type of car, the number plate, and face recognition information. As a development partner with technical expertise, FRAMOS specialises in on-board processing, which involves the camera compressing images or transferring only certain sections of images. By working together with its customers, FRAMOS can develop the ideal solution for each application.

Mobility Solutions

  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Lane departure warning systems
  • Driver monitoring
  • Pedestrian and road sign recognition
  • Electronic toll systems
  • Number plate recognition
  • Speed monitoring
  • Parking space monitoring systems (switching over street lamps to LED technology)
  • Image-controlled car park payment systems
  • Car sharing solutions
  • Charging stations for electric cars

Cost-effective, compact cameras and lenses that produce excellent results in a variety of light conditions are ideally suited for systems of this kind. In addition, a key factor in ensuring that traffic flows smoothly is the preventive maintenance of infrastructure and repairs to roads and rail systems. In order to prevent injuries and damage to vehicles, continuous material testing is necessary. FRAMOS offers a series of very high resolution robust cameras for this purpose which allow for live monitoring of routes and vehicles in any weather or light conditions.

These are just a few examples of the work FRAMOS is doing in the area of mobility, autonomous driving, traffic control and traffic management. Please contact the technical specialists at FRAMOS to discuss your individual project and possible solutions.

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