Our Story | 35 Years of Innovation

Driving innovations, apply knowledge, inspiring customers.

Since 35 years now, FRAMOS standards in industrial image processing. How it all began...


Bernd Franz established the FRAMOS Electronic Vertriebs GmbH. FRAMOS set the first focus points in the field of power supply components with the brands PowerOne and Volgen.


The successful collaboration with Sony starts with a 100 MHz 8 bit analog/digital converter. This distribution partnership was the basis for our increasing specialization in the emerging industrial image processing market.


To stay customer-oriented FRAMOS offers its own products, such as A/D and RGB converters, camera modules and cameras. The company operations are increasingly directed toward the International markets, especially the markets in Europe.


FRAMOS expands its product line through the distribution of cameras made by Pacific Corporation. For its circuit boards and encased cameras, Pacific uses CCD sensors and Sony components, which FRAMOS distributes. This leads the first-class camera systems as well as ideal technical support opportunities.


The product range steadily expands. Apart from the exceptionally successful Sony CCD sensors, FRAMOS now also offers CMOS image sensors to its customers. These sensors excel through their low power usage, high functionality and good image quality.


FRAMOS opens an independent office near London (FRAMOS Electronics Ltd.). The office serves the British and Scandinavian markets. Additionally, FRAMOS forms a partnership with the leading GPS manufacturer Trimble. This solidifies FRAMOS’ standing in the high-tech market.


FRAMOS establishes a sales office in Monza, Italy (FRAMOS Italia srl), to serve the growing local market for image processing. In addition, FRAMOS makes the transition to a solutions and systems provider.


FRAMOS begins the partnership with Japanese camera manufacturer Toshiba Teli.
Andreas Franz, PhD, starts working for FRAMOS.


FRAMOS establishes the sales office in Paris, France.


FRAMOS establishes a purchasing office in Taipei, Taiwan.


Beginning partnership with Croatian camera manufacturer SMARTEK Vision.
FRAMOS celebrates its 30th anniversary and Dr. Andreas Franz takes over the management of the company. Start building an international distribution network.


FRAMOS establishes a sales office in Leipzig, Germany


FRAMOS establishes the North American subsidiary in Ottawa, Canada (FRAMOS Technologies Inc.).
Munich headquarter is moving to a new and larger office and warehouse located in Taufkirchen, south-east of Munich.