Young Art Collection

Art for the eyes through the power of images

With the "FRAMOS YOUNG ART COLLECTION", under the patronage of Dr Andreas Franz, we help one young artist every year by buying one of their artworks.

As a globally active company, we want to use this scheme to promote up-and-coming talents. It also helps us look beyond the horizons of our technical world to consider social factors, and acts a bridge between technology and art. As an imaging company, we concentrate on photography as a reflection of reality that is simultaneously realistic and abstract. These works of art decorate and compliment the clear and minimalistic architecture of our company headquarters, and create colourful eye-catchers.

Azure Emperor butterfly as winner of FRAMOS Young Art Collection

"Morpho50x" 100 x 180 cm, photo print behind acryl

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2015 - Robert Götzfried

"Dantebad 01" 120 x 180 cm, photo print on Dibond

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2014 - Alexy Alexjew

"Hellabrunn 11" 180 x 120 cm, photo print on canvas

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2013 - Jungmin Park

"Red Traffic Lights" 100 x 80 cm, oil on canvas

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2012 - Daniel Grund

"Red Bull Air Race, 3D" 120 x 80 cm, photo print on forex, coverd with acryl

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2011 - Stephanie Jauss & Moritz Gauger

"Engineering Imaging Solutions" 180 x 120 cm, oil, acryl and laqceur on cloth and canvas

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