FRAMOS Market Study 2017 - You are Invited to Join!


FRAMOS once again cordially invites all imaging peers to participate in our international market survey, in cooperation with the journals Inspect and Vision Systems Design, entitled:


The survey poses to camera manufacturers and camera users, the current status of the imaging industry and expected future developments. We are proud about all the positive feedback from the industry and will provide a valuable insight and outlook for the imaging industry again. The FRAMOS market survey supports strategic decision-making and provides detailed analysis and future trends.

The Focus
Our survey focuses on one of the most important product groups: industrial cameras. By this we mean cameras that are predominantly used in systems with automatic image capture and automated image analysis. Examples of thies applications are: automation and robotics in both production and logistics, medical imaging, quality assurance, traffic monitoring, and autonomous cars and drones.

Your Benefit
Consistent and meaningful results can be obtained by focusing on industrial cameras. The traditionally separated analysis of camera manufacturers and camera users in our survey provides greater overall detail in the results. Each participant obtains exclusive access to the comprehensive statistical results. Excerpts of the study results will also be published in the journals, Inspect and Vision Systems Design. Participants, in appreciation for taking the survey, have a chance to win one seminar attendance at the Image Experts Academy worth 1.490€, and 5 Amazon gift vouchers worth 50€.

Your Expertise
In order to complete the online questionnaire, you will need the following:

  • The main technical features of the various cameras that you use or produce
  • Estimates for developments in the camera segment over the next two years
  • Estimates on the main challenges that you will have to solve
  • No more than 15 minutes of your time, by 15. September 2017 at the latest

Please click on the following link to take part in the “Industrial Cameras, the Market and their Technical Features” survey.


Your Anonymity
To ensure your anonymity, we have instructed an agency to prepare this online survey. This guarantees that your details are surveyed in a completely anonymous manner. There is no requirement for you to reveal your name or that of your company. To protect your data, your email address for delivery of the results and the participation in the lottery will be handled separately from the survey.

We are looking forward to your attendance!    

Your FRAMOS Team

P.S.: You can find the publicly accessible evaluation of the FRAMOS Market Survey 2016 here!

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