3D Technologies and Systems for the Smart Factory

FRAMOS Imaging Systems (FIS) is a department enabling smart factory solutions focused on 3D image processing technologies, augmented reality and deep learning algorithms. With activities ranging from research and technology development to OEM solutions for specific markets and customer projects, FIS strives to create technologies that generate practical added value. Solutions include logistics, robotics and medical applications, all with the goal of overall simplification and customer satisfaction.

The FIS team focuses on embedded vision systems for digitizing and automating entire value chains. In addition to cutting-edge 3D / AR technologies, the strategic potential of the department lies in its ability to analyze and process secure data. Using deep learning algorithms, cloud connectivity and advanced analysis features, our imaging technology serves to produce high-end, self-controlling systems for managing complex processes. As a business partner, FRAMOS offers imaging solutions from sensor to system, and combines the best possible components and technologies that can be readily integrated into customized applications. Our core competence encompasses intelligent algorithms, self-learning software and superb usability.