One of the main objectives for visual image processing in production automation and industrial inspection is to achieve maximum data throughput. The increase in resolutions and higher frame rates on the sensor side produce a high volume of data for transmission.
Imaging solutions, whether Industrial, Automotive or Consumer, have all benefited from the dramatic increase in processing power, interface bandwidths and data storage in recent years.
Many customers pose the question about which sensor is exclusively the “best” for their industrial application. The ON Semiconductor’s PYTHON family of image sensors provides a broad portfolio of sensor devices.
Reaching maximum throughput is one of the crucial criteria in industrial and factory automation. Increasing sensor resolutions and framerates help reaching the goal, but bring bandwidth to their limits and offer new transfer questions.
3D sensing technology is a key technology to making human-machine-interaction (HMI) natural, and intuitive. This “Perceptual Computing” adds human-like sensing and intelligence to machines, and enables them to sense, understand, interact, with their environment and users and to learn from one interaction to the next.
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