OLED (Organic LED) Mircodisplays from Sony® Semiconctur Solutions are cutting-edge small video display providing fast response, high-contrast image technology and precise color reproduction, developed for applications in AR/VR/MR, broadcasting, electronic view finders, industrial maintenance and medical. Evaluate the best OLED Microdisplay for your Vision Project.
OLEDs are cutting-edge technology for video displays. These displays are paper thin, exhibit high brightness, operate at lower power, and are made from a solid Si-wafer substrate. How does this technology work, what are the advantages and which applications benefit?
A camera without a lens produces no image; at best, it creates a grey and snowy artifact. The choice of the right lens is one of the most important selection criteria.
Stereo cameras perceive the world in a manner similar to humans; this similarity allows machines using stereo technology to perform and interact like human partners
As part of the biological research project “Fruit Fly Lab” from NASA’s Ames Research Center, the Sunex Lens DSL215 has reached outer space. The Fruit Fly Lab provides a research platform aboard the International Space Station (ISS) for long-duration fruit fly experiments in space.

Criteria to selecting a lens

When it comes to choosing the right lens, the sensor is the first and most important criteria that needs to be considered. There are two main sensor attributes that will have an impact on the functional interaction of sensor and lens.
The French start-up Otonomy Aviation provides a better view and greater safety using the technology pioneer’s externally mounted high-definition camera currently used in business jets. They enable passengers to look at detailed shots of the landscape in HD that are taken by an external camera and shown on screens in the aircraft with mobile devices soon to follow. At the heart of the camera are a number of components from the German image processing expert FRAMOS. FRAMOS contributes to achieving HD quality and meeting the strict aviation regulations concerning hardware on-board aircraft with rugged and highly reliable products as the camera system developed by Otonomy must also withstand extreme temperatures.
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