Many companies already use smart glasses on which they provide employees with additional, context-based information, to increase worker productivity and the effectiveness of processes. French eyewear manufacturer LASTER Technologies contracted image processing specialist FRAMOS for the development of its latest glasses.
There are a lot of sensor choices available now to camera designers and imaging solution providers, available in both CMOS and CCD technologies, with each one having their advantages and weaknesses. Sony is starting to blur the lines between these technologies with the introduction of the IMX174. A personal recommendation by FRAMOS’ Darren Bessette.
FRAMOS provides Stihl with an optical test method to ensure quality piston production, greatly enhancing the reliabilit...
The “Forklift Truck Eye” automates logistics through image processing. For automated intralogistics use and more efficient transport processes, typical deployment scenarios were implemented and evaluated in the research project of TUM Munich, such as fork occupied recognition, the identification of goods by means of NVE code, pallet-accurate localisation, and storage compartment-accurate forklift height recognition. The latter was achieved with the aid of a camera system and lighting control systems.
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