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Electronica 2012

FRAMOS at the "Electronica" fair: unequivocal focus on customer benefit and innovation A wide range of image sensors and an unequalled portfolio of industrial cameras, lenses, cables and lighting, satellite positioning and DVB demodulators - these are the items that FRAMOS will be exhibiting together with their partner Aptina between 13 and 16 November in Munich. FRAMOS's engineering department will also be exhibiting its products for FPGA hardware, software, algorithms and associated development products. Revolutionary innovations for the fields of image sensors, lenses, DVB, satellite positioning and timing Our partner Sony, the global market leader for CCD image sensors, will also be exhibiting its latest CCD sensor offerings up to 6 megapixels together with its recently released CMOS-technology-based sensors. FRAMOS will also be exhibiting the range of DVB demodulator modules from Sony. The latest of these support the DVB2 standards for terrestrial (DVB-T2), satellite-based (DVB-S2) and/or cable (DVB-C2) TV transmission. Also Aptina, the global market leader for CMOS image sensors in industrial image processing applications, is represented this year with its own dedicated area on the FRAMOS stand. Please visit and see the latest products with global shutter technology, resolutions in excess of 10 megapixels, and new levels of sensitivity. Visitors to our stand will have an opportunity to see precision-made optical filters from Sunex, the quality American supplier of mini-lenses; these filters are specifically tuned to the spectral sensitivity of Aptina sensors. Other lenses will also be on display, including lenses that can ensure a perfect image on the small-sized pixels of many high-resolution Aptina sensors. The new lenses that have been optimised for high dynamic range (HDR) represent the greatest highlight on the stand. Because of the multiple exposures and the following processing of the images in HDR applications, optically-conditioned artefacts will be reinforced. Sunex shows products in which these effects are minimised by sophisticated optical design and careful choice of material. Trimble, the worldwide market leader in Positioning and Timing components presents its portfolio highlights in a dedicated section of the Framos booth. Trimble Aardvark is a new SMT based automotive certified GPS + DR (Dead Reckoning) module in a miniature format for next generation of navigation. Aardvark is addressing the demanding user who needs precise navigation data where GPS signal is not visible. Trimble Buffalo is a new GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) SMT based module developed to use multiple satellite systems. Buffalo will calculate position based on GPS and Glonass satellites simultaneously. Acutime Gold GG and Res SMT GG are new precise timing device using both GPS and Glonass to output 1PPS (1 Pulse Per Second). Cameras and USB 3.0 with a focus on practical applications SMARTEK Vision offers "business class products at economy prices", and can show visitors to the stand an extensive range of products for automating production, packaging and quality assurance systems. This includes the GigE Vision-compatible Giganetix cameras with their many and varied trigger functions, high degree of EMC stability and outstanding image and processing quality. SMARTEK Vision will also be staging live demonstrations of its new Giganetix Plus cameras for multi-tap CCD and high-speed CMOS sensors. These are complemented by SMARTEK Vision's bandwidth of 1-channel to 6-channel LED strobe controllers with their impressive switching capacities of up to 20A and 200V, precision timing and outstanding edge steepness. The camera manufacturer Visiosens specialises in custom solutions for OEMs, and will be represented with its own section on the FRAMOS stand. Following the exhibition, Visiosens will be extending its modular industrial camera platform with a new USB 3.0 interface, enabling the Aptina CMOS sensor based cameras to deliver 14 frames per second at 5 megapixels and 7.5 frames per second at 10 megapixels. Visiosens will also be demonstrating its latest camera, the VFU3-CMV2000, with USB 3.0 interface and CMOSIS CMV2000 sensor. Focus on image processing – embedded… The demonstration of the highly-innovative VFU-P camera platform with integrated FPGA from Visiosens uses image-processing algorithms to show how the parallel data processing in FPGAs can achieve higher processing speeds compared to modern CPUs. Based on the Visual Applets framework from SILICONSOFTWARE®, developers can create complex image processing algorithms in a graphical user interface comprising individual modules and load these onto the camera's FPGA. This process enables the camera to execute complex algorithms internally, the user can then access the result directly at the output and can complete further processing steps on their PC. This year, the FRAMOS Group Engineering Department will have its own section and invites visitors to come and have an in-depth look at the two demonstration applications that present every aspect of the FPGA-based "embedded image processing" area. For the VFU-P integrated FPGA camera platform from Visiosens we will be showing the range of hardware and development support, the licensing of FPGA-based image-processing algorithms, and customer-specific development projects for hardware and embedded software. Please come and meet our team of experts, you will have ample opportunity to find out about and discuss the expert solutions incorporated into these products.
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