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Imaging Solutions for Logistics, Industrial and Medical Applications

At this year's Control FRAMOS presents its latest imaging products, innovative solutions and systems. Control is the International Trade Fair for Quality Assurance, held May 14th to 17th in Stuttgart. The FRAMOS booth has a clear focus in mind: Modular image processing solutions for measurement and object detection using 2D and 3D technologies. These modules can be pre-configured and are easily customizable. The platform is also scalable so that complimentary or additional image processing requirements can be integrated into existing systems without considerable effort. With the VLG-Volume-Measurement-System FRAMOS offers an extremely cost effective solution for robust geometric measurement of objects on conveyors (e.g. bags, cardboard boxes, packaging etc.) It is tolerant of surface properties, shape and position of the object, the system uses a light grid (also known as a Light Curtain) to measure the length, width and height of the object and determines smallest circumscribing box to generate its volume, position and orientation of the object at the same time.
This information is increasingly important for logistic system providers, from inter-shipping company billing to defining the maximum number or randomly shaped boxes that can fit in a delivery van. There is also great industry pressure to automate manual labor, such as the development of robotic packaging  of hold luggage on aircraft. This increases safety and security while also increasing stowage efficiency. VLG from FRAMOS provides this in an ideal, all-in-one solution that can be easily integrated into existing conveyor and control systems. FRAMOS also shows off its new object tracking capability, one of its latest developments in the field of three-dimensional imaging. This enhances traditional object tracking with real time location and orientation information.
The focus of the development is for industrial process and control as well as medical applications for both therapeutic and diagnostic systems. The safety, quality and speed required from these markets require high and repeatable 3D precision. The best way to create this is by the addition of markers to the object being tracked and it is in this domain that FRAMOS has developed its software solution. This is applicable to many environments and volumes and compatible with a wide range of imaging technologies. FRAMOS also shows its comprehensive portfolio of imaging components, cameras, lenses, cables, lighting, etc. covering a wide variety of markets and applications. Take advantage of the opportunity to see for yourself by visiting us in Hall 1 at Booth 1723.
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