Sensor Module with Sony's IMX 378 Enables Easy and Miniaturized Embedded Vision

The Embedded Vision module on SONY’s IMX378 imager is made for high-quality video imaging, especially in systems that require optical image stabilization. The module is a perfect ready-to-go component to set-up embedded vision solutions allowing a short time to market. The sugar-cube sized module is equipped a standard MIPI interface. Framos has created a test and development path to provide easy swift prototype and short time to market for mass production. Compatible with common industry hardware devices and familiar sample software, it’s ready within minutes from opening the box to getting the first test pictures. Together with break-out boards, mini-computers like the Raspberry Pi or Jetson TX families, and a power supply, the module enables easy development of miniaturized embedded vision

Key benefits & features

  • Elite-Level Image Quality
    Based on Sony’s IMX378 with excellent pixel architecture, 12MP, HDR, SME-HDR and PDAF

  • Shaking and Vibration Removal
    Active Optical Image Stabilization for movement compensation and stable video

  • Ready-to-Go MIPI Output
    Immediate compatibility with most embedded devices like Raspberry Pi and Jetson.

  • Easy-to-Use Development Environement
    Deep testing and evaluation with short time-to-market

The IMX378 embedded vision module creates better and more stable image and video streams in consumer video devices, VR / AR or MR systems, head cams, free-moving robots, drones, general AI / machine vision systems and outdoor applications. They are great devices
for the excellent capturing of human activities and for device‘awareness’.

The module is equipped with auto-focus and OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) capability. A gyroscope measures the motion
of the module and the lens moves left, right, up or down to compensate. The resulting image stream is stabilized removing
random and periodic vibrations, that, otherwise, would deteriorate the video stream.

The modules’ high-quality imaging is based on the SONY IMX378 elite-class rolling shutter sensor. With its 12 Megapixel resolution it provides full-resolution and 4K video at 60fps and HD quality at up to 240fps. The image sensor comes with a back-illuminated and stacked pixel architecture, matching high sensitivity with on board phase detection auto-focus (PDAF) and many features such as Spatially Multiplexed Exposure High Dynamic Range (SME-HDR) imaging mode for a single frame event HDR.



Evaluation & Development

The module is available with I/F camera boards, 15P FFC interface and I/F board for Jetson. The set can be connected to both Raspberry Pi3 and Jetson TX2 Develop Kit.


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