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New Micron sensor for intelligent automotive applications

Micron has introduced the MT9V023, the successor of the successful MT9V022. The new 1/3 inch size CMOS sensor has a resolution of 752 pixels × 480 pixels and is designed for topmost reliability within an extreme range of temperatures (-40 °C to +105 °C) and for use under demanding light conditions. Its high dynamic range of 80 dB up to around 120 dB and its improved exposure time microcontrol enables the near infrared capable sensor to deliver high-quality images even under high light intensity contrasts, for instance, when driving out of a tunnel into the sunlight. The sensor reaches 60 frames per second at full resolution; thanks to the global shutter, even fast moving image content can be retrieved without distortion. Implementation of a second bank of registers for fast context switches is a further improvement of the MT9V023 whose sensor dimensions and packaging remain compatible with its predecessor model. This enables systems with varying imaging requirements such as intelligent headlamps and lane departure warning systems to sequentially access the same sensor using different parameters. 
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