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New Viimagic 922x HDTV CMOS Sensors

Viimagic GmbH has launched the next generation of HDTV CMOS image sensors. The global shutter product lines Viimagic 922x are high performance, 2/3”, HD resolution (2048 x 1080 pixels) CMOS image sensors for industrial applications and for (semi-)professional HDTV cameras. Four integrated high performance ADCs offer a maximum HDTV frame rate of 120Hz in DDS (Digital correlated Double Sampling) and 240 Hz for CDS (Analog Correlated Double Sampling). The CMOS sensors can be used in various scanning modes as interlaced, progressive, vertical scanning and others. Operated in HDR (high dynamic range) modes, the new Viimagic product realizes a dynamic range of more than 120 dB. The new device incorporates a feature-rich fully integrated high-speed control unit that is programmable via SPI interface. It supports dynamic reconfiguration of frame parameters as well as programmable sequences initiated by external trigger conditions. This concept offers equipment manufacturers increased flexibility and ease of implementation. It allows for faster system integration time as well as reduced BOM cost for peripheral components compared to traditional designs. Viimagic’s 9225/6A sensor offers up to 16 configurable LVDS output channels (8 LVDS channels for Viimagic 9221/2A) with a maximum data rate of 1.2 Gbit/s each. The global shutter product line is offered in two packages: BGA-108 package:
  • 9221A: monochrome sensor
  • 9222A: color sensor
µPGA-185 ceramic package:
  • 9225A:  monochrome sensor
  • 9226A:  color sensor
Download article (pdf) Publication: EL-Info
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