VIDEOLOGY provides one of the most diverse USB 3.0 camera lines for industrial and medical inspection

Finding a reliable and compact USB camera that keeps applications on budget without compromising performance, speed or resolution can be a tough challenge for many companies using imaging technologies. In addition, the engineers and systems integrators must decide if it is time to move up from slower USB 2.0 platforms or transition from expensive GigE platforms and to switch to a USB 3.0 Vision camera. VIDEOLOGY’s USB 3.0 cameras, distributed by global imaging expert FRAMOS, are a relevant interface for industrial and medical applications, barcode reading, inspection lines, microscopes, as well as many other mass market uses. Completely plug & play with bandwidth of 5 gigabits per second, which allows for low CPU usage while yielding machine vision speeds that are five times faster than GigE. The family of USB3 cameras range up to 5 megapixels and can stream full HD images at 720p or 1080p without compression. All are UVC compliant, Linux compatible and come with a complete SDK for added features such as triggers and GPIOs. With the added convenience of I2C Interfacing in backward compatibility, the USB3 line boasts a product life cycle of up to seven years. Ranging from an all-inclusive megapixel miniature 22 x 26 millimeter PCB to large photo ID zoom cameras, the Videology USB line has been one of the most diverse available anywhere. Videology Imaging Solutions develops continuously new products that allow customers to adopt the latest technologies without having to change their designs drastically. Global engineering, manufacturing and support in two locations assure high quality products and access to the Videology support whenever needed. With a deep knowledge from sensor to system the FRAMOS industry and product experts provide additional services like development support, engineering and logistics to support customers for their specific applications and projects.
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