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Vision 2012

The market needs innovations and FRAMOS has innovations to present at "Vision" in Stuttgart Higher speeds, modular designs, innovative product strategies: the range of requirements for industrial image processing systems in terms of equipment and performance is reflected in the wealth of ideas from manufacturers – and also in FRAMOS's expertise in applications. The FRAMOS team of experts will be providing an in-depth overview of cameras and technology trends at the VISION trade fair (6 - 11 November in Stuttgart); they will be showing a wide range of image sensors and a unique selection of innovative products and services related to every aspect of the world of imaging. Specialities for camera manufacturers - FRAMOS will be exhibiting not only the latest Sony CCD sensors offering up to 6 megapixels, but also Sony's recently released CMOS-technology-based sensors. Aptina's stand will be showing the new global shutter CMOS sensor MT9M031 (1.3 megapixels, 45 frames per second). Aptina will also be exhibiting innovative products in the range above 10 megapixels and specifically for security cameras. The experts on networked video and camera interfaces, Pleora Technologies, have a stand showcasing a new comprehensive range of camera video interfaces consisting of Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi™, 10Gigabit Ethernet and USB3.0. This range enables camera manufacturers to concentrate all their efforts on getting maximum return from the image sensors. Pleora supplies full hardware and software PC interfaces including guaranteed updates. Pleora will also be demonstrating its iPORT CL-Ten, which converts the video signal from two 12-megapixel cameras with a Camera Link Medium interface at 25 frames per second into a 10 Gigabit Ethernet signal for transmission. Lenses with that certain something - Sunex, a quality supplier of miniature lenses, produces optical filters that are tuned specifically to the spectral sensitivity of various different Aptina sensors, and also lenses that ensure the best possible image on the small-sized pixels of many high-resolution Aptina sensors. The extremely broad product range including fisheye, wide-angle and standard lenses is impressive due to its minimal and custom-configured distortion properties. In focus are the new HDR-optimised lenses. Because of the multiple exposures and the following processing of the images in HDR applications, optically-conditioned artefacts will be reinforced. Sunex shows products in which these effects are minimised by sophisticated optical design and careful choice of material. High speed and optimum quality - Lumenera is presenting its latest range of USB 3.0 cameras with 2- and 4-megapixel high-speed CMOS sensors from CMOSIS. Experts on these sensors are extremely impressed with the image quality that Lumenera obtains from the CMV2000 and the CMV4000 at 180 and 90 frames per second respectively. This year the fair organisers are putting on a "Medical Discovery Tour" which will include the Infinity HD2 microscopy camera from Lumenera. This camera features a DVI video signal and can achieve 60 frames per second with full HD resolution. Lumenera’s trademark excellent colour reproduction makes this an ideal solution for the demanding fields of teaching and research. More cost-effective thanks to automation - SMARTEK Vision offers "business class products at economy prices", and can show its visitors an extensive range of products for automating production, packaging and quality assurance systems. This includes the Giganetix camera series, which are compatible with GigE Vision, and feature many and varied trigger functions in addition to great EMC stability and excellent image and processing quality. SMARTEK Vision will also be staging live presentations of its new Giganetix Plus cameras for multi-tap CCD and high-speed CMOS sensors. These are complemented by the entire range of 1-channel to 6-channel LED strobe controllers with their impressive switching capacities of up to 20A and 200V, with precision timing and outstanding edge steepness. Live demonstration of USB 3.0 - the Visiosens camera manufacturer will be extending its modular industrial camera platform after the fair with a new USB 3.0 interface, coupled with CMOS sensors from Aptina this will be able to deliver 14 frames per second at 5 megapixels and 7.5 frames per second at 10 megapixels. Visiosens will be setting up a demonstration of its latest camera, the VFU3-CMV2000, with a USB 3.0 interface and CMOSIS CMV2000 sensor.
The demonstration of the highly-innovative VFU-P camera platform with integrated FPGA uses image-processing algorithms to show how the parallel data processing in FPGAs enables higher processing speeds to be achieved than by modern CPUs. Based on the Visual Applets framework from SILICONSOFTWARE®, developers can create complex image processing algorithms in a graphical user interface comprising individual modules and load these onto the camera's FPGA. This enables the camera to execute complex algorithms internally. The user can access the result directly at the output and can complete further processing steps on their PC. Premiere with Panasonic - Panasonic is to exhibit alongside Framos for the first time in 2012. Panasonic's new block cameras, including the top-of-the-range model GP-MH310, feature native HD-resolution at 59 frames per second (interlaced). The cameras combine functions such as automatic exposure, aperture, focus and white balance along with an analogue video and USB video output in an extremely compact body. The high-quality colour reproduction, extremely low latency, attractive pricing and pin compatibility with models from other manufacturers mean that the opportunity to familiarise yourself with these cameras at Vision is nothing short of unmissable. Clever configuration for live presentation - Our partner, Steinbeis Qualitätssicherung und Bildverarbeitung GmbH from Ilmenau, will be presenting a demonstration setup of a real application using custom SMARTEK Vision cameras and its in-house QI Flash Control LED strobe controller with USB interface. This dual-channel controller is outstanding, featuring extremely flexible configuration of flash operation using a PC and entry keys, a two-line LCD display of operating modes and the simultaneously-synchronised circuitry of the input and output channels. SQB GmbH specialises in custom development and manufacture of special test equipment, components and systems for industrial image processing. Another focus of Steinbeis is consultancy and training in the areas of quality assurance, image processing, measurement and testing systems. Our engineers show how they can work for you - This year, the FRAMOS Group Engineering Department will have its own section and invites visitors to come and have an in-depth look at the two demonstration applications that present every aspect of the FPGA-based "embedded image processing" area. For the VFU-P integrated FPGA camera platform from Visiosens we will be showing the range of hardware and development support, the licensing of FPGA-based image-processing algorithms, and customer-specific development projects for hardware and embedded software. Please come and meet our team of experts, you will have ample opportunity to find out about and discuss the expert solutions incorporated into these products. Publication:
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Pleora @ Vision Systems Design (video)
Lumenera @ Vision Systems Design (video)
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