VREO offers USB3.0 interface and software for the SONY FCB-MA130 camera module

VREO Innovation, a company that is a rising star in the UK, has developed a USB3.0 interface for the Sony FCB-MA130 miniature camera module, with automatic control of exposure time, gain, white balance, zoom and many other functions. The cost effective VREO Unity Board USB3.0 is equipped with free OneView software, this software was developed to support all the features of the FCB-MA130, including autofocus, automatic exposure time control, face detection, white balance, colour correction, up-and-down/side-by-side reverse, and ATR dynamic range control, OneView can also manage all video recording functions. A universal application programming interface (API) is currently in development and will be available to all registered users free of charge. The USB3.0 interface card itself supports the streaming of Full HD video with 30 images per second and single-frame shots of up to 13 megapixels. This is what Stephane Clauss from Sony ISS has to say: "The ultra-compact, extremely powerful FCB-MA130 miniature camera module works with still and moving images, and is paving the way to new opportunities for the use of cameras in professional image processing. The VREO Unity Board USB3.0 offers a simple and reliable way to connect and use the camera modules, opening it up to further industrial applications and a range of other applications. Mark Vernon, managing director of VREO, adds: "In just seven months, we have been able to successfully introduce VREO to wholesalers in the U.S. and Europe. We are proving that we have the necessary development and production expertise for simple and effective use in industry. It is wonderful to demonstrate how much value the customer can gain when design engineers invest their entire knowledge in an innovative product through the development process all the way to market launch and sale of the product." Publication:
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