The winner of the FRAMOS Young Art Collection 2016 is the image “Morpho50x” from the photographer and technology nerd, Michael Bachhofer. With a robot he developed himself, the Viennese jack of all trades takes photos of boundary structures between objects and the outside world in the giga-micro range with a magnification factor of up to 50 with a 2 micrometer depth of field. Morpho50x shows the detailed wing scaling of the azure Emperor butterfly.
The winner 2014: In his series "Zoo!" the artist Aleksy Aleksjew allows several levels of viewing to emerge which reflect what is behind the surface and that which the viewer assumes they can perceive. Aleksy’s piece “Hellabrunn 11” will create another aesthetic focal point in the architecturally distinct and minimalist designed head office. The artist introduces his picture and work in an interview.
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