This year, the image processing specialist FRAMOS has chosen the work of the Munich photographer Robert Götzfried for its Young Art Collection. The global organisation supports an up-and-coming artist every year. The work of Robert Götzfried will perfectly complement the design and architecture of the company's headquarters in the south of Munich. In a place where engineers and imaging specialists find solutions for industrial process automation and quality assurance, the artworks will forge links between technology and art. The photograph that has been acquired by FRAMOS portrays the “Dantebad” in Munich showing the calm, harmonious and structured atmosphere of the swimming pool, which contrasts with its otherwise character and purpose. In the following an interview with the artist.

Civic engagement is of great importance to the image processing specialist FRAMOS. The family company based in Munich sponsors local artists, regularly supports humanitarian projects and organises day care centres and places in nurseries, on behalf of its employees. FRAMOS has decided to send Christmas cards and customer information, etc. digitally in order to support the international aid organisation ‘Doctors Without Borders’.
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