Reference Design Kits

Faster camera and system development with RDKs

Reference Design Kit for Sony IMX174FRAMOS offers Reference Design Kits (RDKs) for new Sony Global Shutter CMOS sensors that enable faster development cycles, aquicker time-to-market and make customised camera design economically feasible.

With traditional CCD technology, developing a camera around a vision sensor is a complex task. Using CMOS sensors allows camera manufacturers or development engineers to develop individual modules or cameras, even in small quantities and for special applications. FRAMOS' reference design kits (RDKs) for Sony Global Shutter CMOS sensors make product development faster and more cost effective.

The RDKs make it easier to integrate the vision sensor into the planned products. They expand the EVB kits supplied by the sensor manufacturer, which allow you to estimate the performance of a sensor under certain conditions.

To make the introduction to CMOS technology as easy as possible, the technical experts of the FRAMOS engineering team have developed reference design kits for the Sony IMX 174 and IMX 249 sensors from the Pregius series.

Our reference design kits are configured as a platform in the same way that a manufacturer would typically design their product around the sensor chip. They contain all the components required to understand how a sensor is constructed and to integrate it into an imaging system or custom camera design.

- Darren Bessette, Manager Engineering

If a system or camera manufacturer has this information, it can massively reduce development time. The time saving in product development is typically between one to three working months. This is because the RDK answers virtually all detail questions that arise during the course of the development process. The time spent waiting for answers from customer service is also eliminated.

With the reference design kits, FRAMOS provides a construction set that contains all the components required to understand the design of a vision sensor. All information can be accessed in a simply structured library. Corresponding PCB hardware can also be purchased in addition to the complete RDK documentation.


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