Volume & Dimension Measurement System

Whether master data acquisition, quality control or fully automatic commissioning, the aim is to simplify logistics processes.

The FRAMOS VLG systems offer a cost-effective plug and play solution for extremely robust, geometric measurement of almost any objects or goods, streamlining processes and operating automatically for greater efficiency and higher quality. FRAMOS VLG systems save valuable time, labour and monetary resources in every logistics chain, resulting in improved capacity utilisation, higher quality operations with fewer downtimes, as well as satisfied customers.

How the VLG works:

  • Robust & efficient
  • Simple to implement
  • Independent of many object properties
  • Independent of position or orientation
  • Measurement of length, width, height
  • Bounding-box volume, orientation, position
  • Calculation of a real-volume approximation
  • Reliably & flexibly extendible
  • Seamless integration into any conveyor system
  • Service-friendly, modular design
  • Used by satisfied customers around the world
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„Installing the FRAMOS VLG has enabled us to increase our high quality requirements, as goods should only leave our logistics centre in a perfectly packed condition. The extremely robust measurement of dimensions provides us with a reliable basis on which to make decisions on all subsequent processing steps in our outgoing goods area. The new volume measuring system can also be used for all of the packet sizes transported from our West Dispatch Centre; even the difficult “box in tray” application is successfully measured."

- Roland Schneider, Head of Industrial Engineering at Würth

Application fields

Master data acquisition
for example, process integration and entering dimensional information to product databases of new goods

  • All-in-one solution for master data acquisition
  • Direct communication with the ERP system
  • Optional web service interface
  • Full integration into logistics processes

Fully automatic commissioning
for example, identification of the allocation of storage locations, optimisation of storage volume and automatic palletising

  • Dimensions and momentary orientation
  • Across the commissioning chain
  • Independent of many optical properties
  • From semi-transparent, through high gloss to matt black

Quality control
for example, safeguarding secondary automated processes and storage or palletising

  • Inspection for deformations and bulging
  • Flexible evaluation algorithms
  • Tolerance check – OK/NOK result
  • Control system transfer

Many more applications
simple, modular development, individual and custom solutions on request

  • Pallet projection check, completeness check
  • Rotation check, position determination
  • Pick & place applications
  • Cargo handling


More than just dimension measurement: Scanning, filming and many more applications are also possible. Additional functions and accessories adapt and extend the VLG to suit your individual logistics processes.

  • Bar code scanners / OCR readers / RFID readers
  • Laser measuring systems
  • Documentation cameras
  • Scales for in-line weighing

Customer-specific projects

Every project is different.
The FRAMOS VLG is available in standard versions between 50x50cm and 3x3m measuring size with resolutions from 2.5mm to 10mm. You can find your personal variant using the FRAMOS VLG Configurator.

Do you need even more flexibility?
The Imaging Systems Team provides additional support with customer-specific developments, and adapts the VLG specifically to the required project conditions.
We take pride in having helped many international companies to optimise their logistics processes. You can find selected examples in our reference applications.


You can reach the Imaging Systems Team
via phone +49.89.710667-79,
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