Imaging Systems Team

The Imaging Systems department under the management of Dr. Simon Che'Rose has dedicated itself entirely to 3D image processing solutions.

  • Research and development
  • Technology development
  • End products/OEM for specific markets
  • Customer-specific projects

The Imaging Systems Team has a pronounced spirit of innovation and inventiveness with strict attention to quality and practical solutions. The Team researches and develops technologies and products that generate practical added value with image processing, In research projects on regional, national and EU levels; in doctoral assistance programs and in collaboration with universities and institutes.

The Imaging Systems Team not only pragmatically solves image processing challenges, it also designs the solutions to be as simple as possible in the interest of customer satisfaction. All systems are robust with long lifetimes, are easy to use, flexible, modular and therefore re-usable.

The developers, engineers and project managers spend every day putting their hearts and souls into projects and research assignments or working on-site at the customer's location. They employ their many years of experience in examining algorithmic questions, test results and project experiences to gain better understanding of the project, its challenges and to find better solutions together with the Customer.


You can reach the Imaging Systems Team
via phone +49.89.710667-79,
or with the following contact form: