Emergent Vision Launches New 25GigE High-Speed Area Scan and Line Scan Cameras

The new 25GigE interface is the answer to the ever-increasing demands in resolution and speed that drive industrial automation and cutting-edge consumer vision.

Both EVT’s BOLD and ACCEL 25GigE devices provide extreme high-speed interfacing with 3.125 Mbytes/s, to maximize the throughput in real-time applications. Until now, this speed was only attainable with 4-channel CoaXPress. The new interface requires only a single fiber cable compared to the Quad CoaXPress interface that required four cables. The use of SFP28 fiber cables plus step-up transceivers provide cable lengths up to ten kilometres. Handling and integration are becoming much easier and cost effective; the 25GigE interface provides superior capability with a great combination of speed and distance.

Table 1 lists the performance of Emergent Vision's BOLT and ACCEL 25GigE Camera Solutions:  

Video / Data Rate BOLT Series - Area Scan ACCEL Series - Line Scan
Resolution 12 MP / 50 MP LB-8K-8192 pixels horizontal
Speed 188fps / 30fps at full-resolution 200KHz single / 100KHz bi-linear / 66KHz tri-linear



Table 1: Emergent Vision’s 25GigE Camera Solutions

Darren Bessette, Category Manager Devices at FRAMOS says: “25GigE’s Differentiator is a combination of speed, handling, and reliability. With EVT’s new BOLT and ACCEL series, users can take full advantage of the latest generation of high-performance sensors with higher resolution and faster frame rates. The 25GigE interface opens multiple opportunities for factory automation, smooth industrial processes, broadcast, video conferences and real-time applications, including inspection and robotics. Today, EVT’s 25GigE solutions are the fastest and easiest way to produce ultra-high-speed imaging without latency, over long distances, and with easy integration and operation.”

EVT offers dedicated NIC card solutions to reduce CPU loading, and manage video triggering and streaming. Data from the camera is processed directly on the NIC for smooth integration and operation of the 25GigE vision solution.  CPU processing remains under 5% and the remaining CPU capacity is free for other processing or intelligence, as required. The new interface offers network support and synchronization via the IEEE1588 standard and is GigE Vision and Gen<I>Cam compliant. The provision of IP trust and the reliable synchronization of the GigE Vision standard allows the 25GigE Vision interface to be an easy upgrade to improve all vision systems, with an extra measure of speed and innovation.

The industry and product experts at FRAMOS have applied their profound knowledge of camera and interface technology to support customers with the integration of the new high-speed devices into their applications and projects. This expertise is provided together with additional services like development support, customizations, and logistics.


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