Microdisplays for AR / VR and Digital View Finders

Microdisplays for AR / VR and Digital View Finders



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Microdisplays based on OLED technology from Sony are the state of the art technology for small video displays. These displays are very thin, exhibit high brightness and contrast, operate at low power and are made from a solid Si-wafer substrate. The OLED Microdisplays come in a small form factor and provide a high-resolution solution. These products are well-suited for head-mounted devices enabling embedded Virtual and Augmented Reality where light weight and fast response speeds are desired. The displays show excellent performance and image quality while giving a wider color gamut with extremely short response times, in the microsecond order. With high color depth, high resolution, and maximum luminance, these units can easily be integrated into OEM devices with their serial mini-LVDS or LVDS interfaces. Its small package, combined with its high speed and wide brightness, these displays are suitable for many applications using micro-sized displays in both industrial and consumer-based applications, such as Electronic View Finders in Broadcasting and consumer cameras, or for greater visual impact in 3D head-mounted devices for Augmented and Virtual Reality.

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