M10/M8/M6 mount lenses are small and lightweight lenses that are commonly used in consumer electronics such as mobile phones, action cameras, and drones.


M10/M8/M6 mount lenses are small and lightweight lenses that are commonly used in consumer electronics such as mobile phones, action cameras, and drones.
With a large selection of brands and options available, you’re sure to find the right M6, M8, or M10 diameter board mount lens for your requirements here.

M6/M8/M10 Diameter Board Mount Lenses

M6, M8, and M10 lenses are miniature, screw mount lenses with named for the diameter of their threads in millimeters. These are commonly called a “board mount” or “S-mount” lenses. These lenses typically have a fixed aperture, and are focused by screwing them into the mount and locking them in place – usually with a bead of UV-cured glue. Similar miniature lenses are available in M12 diameter thread sizes, with M12 lenses being the most commonly used size, since their image circle provides good coverage for a wide variety of image sensors. However, for compact camera systems or smaller image sensors, an M6, M8, or M10 lens may be the best choice.

M6/M8/M10 Lens Applications

All S-mount or board mount lenses are small, lightweight, and fairly rugged, because they typically have no moving focusing elements inside them. They are also available in ruggedized form-factors, which makes them useful for a wide variety of applications where a durable, lightweight camera is desirable. Their compact size also allows them to be easily integrated into a variety of devices, making them an excellent choice for applications such as compact sports cameras and IoT devices.

Getting Started selecting the right M6, M8, or M10 lens for your project

If you are selecting a miniature board mount lens for your project, a good place to start your selection process is with our whitepaper “How to Choose the Right Lens”. Download this whitepaper to learn how to select the right lens to get the best results for your chosen image sensor.

Select M6/M8/M10 Lenses with the Table Below


Image Circle [mm]

Resolution [MP]

Focal length [mm]


Field of View Horizontal [°]

Sensor Size [inch/mm]


Selected Filters

NameMountImage Circle [mm]Resolution [MP]Focal Length [mm]ApertureField of View Horizontal [°]Sensor Size [inch/mm]Target Applicationhf:att:pa_color
FLP-II-043-00-V-00M87-4.34267.41/2.7 inch-
FLP-II-030-00-V-00M86.4-3.042.07771/3 inch-
FLP-HI-034-01-V-00M87.183.382.277.41/2.7 inchAI
FLP-HI-034-00-V-00M87. inchAI
FLP-DK-067-00-A-00M10--6.726.842.21/2.7 inchScanner & Recognition
FLP-DG-052-00-V-00M6--5.26.840.41/4 inchScanner & Recognition
FLP-DG-048-00-A-00M6--4.86.8-1/4 inchScanner & Recognition
FLP-DG-042-00-A-00M6--4.156591/4 inchScanner & Recognition
FLP-DG-036-00-A-00M63.6-3.6643.41/4 inchScanner & Recognition
FLP-CI-028-00-V-00M86.8-2.82.5901/2.8 inch-
DSL988B-NIR-F1.6M1061.35.41.666.001/3 inch-
DSL988B-650-F1.6M1061.35.41.666.001/3 inch-
DSL965E-NIR-F2.8M86.425.832.845.001/3 inchAutomotive
DSL965B-BP945-F2.8M86.425.832.845.001/3 inchAutomotive
DSL958E-NIR-F1.7M10614.61.760.001/3 inchEmerging, Forward Facing
DSL958E-700-F1.7M10614.61.760.001/3 inchEmerging, Forward Facing
DSL947C-700-F1.6M106.716.11.659.001/3 inchEmerging, Forward Facing
DSL947A-700-F1.6M86.716.11.659.001/3 inchEmerging, Forward Facing
DSL946D-NIR-F1.6M861.35.71.646.001/3 inchEmerging, Forward Facing
DSL946D-700-F1.6M861.35.71.646.001/3 inchEmerging, Forward Facing
DSL944D-BP940-F2.8M8--7.52.8-1/2.5 inch-
DSL944D-950BP-F2.8M8--7.52.8-1/2.5 inch-
DSL944B-NIR-F2.8M87.287.52.855.001/2.5 inchFinite Imaging
DSL944B-650-F2.8M87.287.52.855.001/2.5 inchFinite Imaging
DSL934B-650-F3.0M10, M128.9359352
DSL934A-NIR-F3.0M10, M128.859352
DSL934A-650-F3.0M10, M128.9359352
DSL871F-NIR-F2.8M85.635.12.857.001/3.2 inch-
DSL871F-650-F2.8M85.635.12.857.001/3.2 inch-
DSL849A-700-F1.9M861.35.91.941.001/3.2 inchEmerging, Forward Facing
DSL829J-950BP-F3.0M8--5.93-1/3 inch-
DSL829J-940BP-F3.0M8--5.93-1/3 inch-
DSL823A-670-F3.0M107.11.36.3358.001/2.7 inch-
DSL746A-650-F2.8M861.34.92.8-1/3 inch-
DSL235E-NIR-F3.2M86333.2160.001/3 inch-
DSL235E-650-F3.2M86333.2160.001/3 inch-
DSL235D-NIR-F3.2M861.333.2160.001/3 inch-
DSL235D-NIR-F2.2M86332.2160.001/3 inch-
DSL235D-IRC40-F3.2M8--33.2-1/3 inch-
DSL235D-650-F3.2M86333.297.001/3 inch-
DSL235D-650-F2.2M861.332.2160.001/3 inch-

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