FRAMOS Celebrates Summer 2019!

An evening spent withcold drinks and a bouncy castle! More than 90 employees celebrated Summer at the FRAMOS Summer party with their families and partners.Twenty-fourchildren blew soap bubbles and streamers into the evening, and jumped on a red fire brigade bouncy castle.

FRAMOS' Event Manager Pia Burgmayr had created a wonderful backdrop for the FRAMOS team in the courtyard of the office building in Taufkirchen: There were finely set tables in a white party tent, and the Marketing team picked lilies, dahlias, and sunflowers fresh from the field. The catering team of Event-to-Rent provided the best service for the bar and the Mediterranean buffet. Hugo, Prosecco Aperol, great Bavarian beer, and a lot of apple and currant spritzer went over the counter. Additionally, colleagues from the FRAMOS office in Leizig made a special trip for the party.

PR Manager Antonia Ebenburger-Lanzinger with her two children, the marquee and the Aperol Bar
P1020659 Framos-edited Bar-Alcohol Aperol


The FRAMOS summer party is always a great opportunity for managing director Dr. Andreas Franz and his family to celebrate with all of the employees every year. His two children scurry across the lawn, while Senior Bernd Franz with his wife and sister reflected how the company he founded in 1981 with only 3 employees has grown over the last 38 years.

The Prosecco-Bar, Managing Director Dr. Andreas Franz with family, his parents and aunt, as well as Dirk Semrau (Head of Operations) with his son
Bartender Andreas-Familie_square Franz-seniors_edited Dirk-Kind_square


The buffet, lots of drinks and a bold grip on dessert
Buffet_edited Hugos_edited_edited Marji-square_edited desserts_edited_edited


Freshly grilled beef sirloin steaks, chicken, fish and sausages - fresh antipasto, and Mediterranean salads rounded off the tasty selections. And of course, sweet desserts were also a must - especially the passion fruit halves filled with chocolate mousse, and the raspberry panacotta made the hearts beat faster and the mouths water.

Project Manager Sabrina Schwendtner, Russia Sales Daria Scheel with Sensor Expert Sibel Yorulmaz-Cokugur and Ms Franz as well as Event Manager Pia Burgmayr
Sabrina drei-grazien_edited Pia-Portrait-Ikarus


Children of all ages were there this Summer evening - from freshly "hatched" to just learning to walk, on the arms of their parents, to those who ran across the lawn. They enjoyed many balloons, soap bubbles and children's make-up - the bouncy castle invited them all to jump and slide.

Optics expert Stephanie Simon, the son of our HR Lead Oxana Eckert, as well as Pia Burgmayr and Miriam Rudel (Data Scientist).
steffi-helke-square Joahnns_edited   Bauchbild-square_edited


However, the adults, took in the cosy atmosphere of the FRAMOS courtyard, and enjoyed one or two cold drinks, and exchanged ideas across departments. Our Italian colleague Giuseppe "Pino" Contini with a tear in his eye returned to his Sicilian home the next day, after spending half a year in headquarters. In the marquee, all guests of the evening enjoyed the excellent food. Also, the partners of our employees were able to see the colleagues of their spouses, whom they otherwise would not have met.

Relaxed atmosphere in the inner courtyard: Paul Kreuzer (team leader development) with Siddhant Tibrewal (FRAMOS AI), our IT manager Stéphane Petit with FAE Giuseppe Contini and a look into the marquee.
Overview-square_edited Paul-Sid_edited pino-Stephane Diversity-square


Head of HR Oxana Eckert with Pia Burgmayr and Head of Marketing Claudia Unterhuber, FAE Giuseppe Contini with Head of Support Helke Grund, HR expert Katja Baierl "wants you" and Daria Scheel in a party mood.n Claudia Unterhuber,FAE Giuseppe Contini mit Support-Leiterin Helke Grund, HR-Expertin Katja Baierl "wants you" und Daria Scheel in Feierlaune.
Pia-und-HR-Claudi_edited Pino HR-wants-you_edited daria_party


When darkness fell, the little ones slowly went to bed and the celebration light shone across the dance floor in bright colours to the beat of the music. Then, the party really started for some - and it lasted far into the night.


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