Sony presents latest SWIR sensor technology

SenSWIR™– A Milestone in Sony’s Innovative SWIR Technology

SWIR Image Sensor Technology

The demand for higher productivity is driving the growing interest in image capture in both the visible spectrum and SWIR wavelengths. For this reason, the market trend for SWIR sensors is promising and technical developments are progressing rapidly.
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With the Sony’s SenSWIR technology, copper-to-copper connection enables a finer pixel pitch and smaller pixels. As a result, smaller high-resolution cameras can be developed, which can support higher inspection precision.

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Discover several ways to benefit from Sony’s first-class SWIR solutions

Inspection that once required multiple cameras to cover visible and SWIR wavelengths can now be performed with a single unit.

Under visible light

Under SWIR imaging conditions

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Explore the advantages in a variety of applications

Sorting of Products

Ideal for applications such as sorting fruits and vegetables, as light in the SWIR band enables detection of moisture content, which is difficult to determine under visible light.

Foreign Material Inspection

Properties of light absorption and reflection in SWIR imaging are applied to distinguish substances that would be difficult to differentiate under visible light alone.

Semiconductor Inspection

Light in the SWIR band passes through material made of silicon. This aspect of SWIR imaging is applied in semiconductor production and inspection.

Temperature Estimation

Around hot objects, light in the SWIR band shines quite brightly. Temperature can be estimated from differences in brightness among several wavelengths. This is used to estimate the temperature of welds or other hot areas.

Remote Observation

Light in the SWIR band has longer wavelengths than visible light. This makes the light less susceptible to scattering, thus apply SWIR imaging successfully in remote observation.

Learn more details about the possibilities provided by Sony’s SWIR technology

In IMX990 and IMX991, SenSWIR technology has enabled Sony to overcome challenges in pixel miniaturization to offer sensors that are compact, high-resolution, and capable of imaging from the visible spectrum to SWIR wavelengths.

The advances in performance and functionality introduced by the IMX990 and IMX991 pave the way for the development of SWIR industrial cameras and inspection equipment for a diverse range of applications such as inspection, identification, and measurement. 

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