Imaging Optics Solutions

Selecting the proper optics for your image processing application is crucial to producing high quality, reliable vision systems.

FRAMOS is a leading optics distributor and custom optics solution provider. We specialize in providing optics solutions, from optical components including lenses and filters to optical modules and components designed for particular applications and sensors. Our team of optical engineers can help you at every stage of embedded vision system development, from selecting the right lens and components to providing active alignment, image tuning and ISO standards-based testing and calibration.

We Understand Your Challenges When Choosing the Right Optics Solution

Lack of Optical Imaging Knowledge

Navigating the lens and optics landscape can be challenging – especially since lens selection tends to be very specific to the application where it is used. Lens selection is impacted by many factors, including the sensor type and spectral range, the intended working distance, and desired field of view.
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supply chain

Supply Chain Problems

Choosing from a large collection of lenses is difficult and requires buyers to contact multiple suppliers, who can be located anywhere in the world. This can lead to language barriers and potentially disastrous supply chain delays that can impact the success of your project. In addition, high volume production can be challenging due to yield issues and requires understanding of lens testing mechanisms to ensure consistency.

Technological Complexity

Image sensor technology is constantly evolving, and lens technology needs to keep pace. Disruptive innovations in image sensors, including smaller pixel sizes and higher pixel density, improved near infra-red (NIR) sensitivity, extended spectral range, and the emergence of entirely new technologies like Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensors can multiply the difficulty of optics selection.

How FRAMOS Can Help you Find the Right Optics

FRAMOS is more than just an optics and lens distributor: we are effectively a one-stop shop for all your optical needs relating to embedded vision systems.

Technical Expertise and Knowledge

You can take the guesswork out of lens and optics selection by drawing on FRAMOS’s deep domain of technical expertise and knowledge – built on over 40 years of experience in the imaging and optics industry. By leveraging the support of a seasoned team of optics engineers and technical experts, you can be confident you’re selecting the combination of lenses and optical components that best match your technical and budget requirements.
FRAMOS can provide price matching on lenses, optical filters, and other optical components.

Price Matching on Optical Components

Sourcing lenses and optical components can be challenging and requires balancing performance with competitive pricing. As a buyer, you need to be provided with different options, and to transparently understand all of the implications of performance and price, so you know you’re making the right decision. Here, you’ll find the best discounts from premium manufacturers worldwide, with no compromise on quality.

Automotive Qualified Lenses

Automotive manufacturers need trustworthy suppliers for automotive qualified lenses, who can supply guaranteed volumes of optics products of consistent quality. Finding and vetting automotive qualified lens manufacturers isn’t easy. Taking the time to find the right supplier and audit their supply chain can add delay to the development of your products, but with FRAMOS, you’ll have access to the best automotive lens manufacturers who have already been qualified for you.
FRAMOS provides access to a network of automotive qualified manufacturers
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Professional Supply Chain Management

FRAMOS has been a leading distributor of lenses and optical components for over 40 years. We understand the supplier landscape and have established partnerships with proven, premium-quality optics manufacturers. Our multinational, diverse workforce of professionals eliminates problems with language barriers and can help you manage your supply chain while avoiding shortages or delays. Multiple sources for the optical products you need helps eliminate supply chain risk.

Our Partners in Optical Components Distribution

Custom Optics Solutions

Selecting the correct lens ensures optimized image quality for your vision system. It makes sure the light is correctly focused on the image sensor. A correctly captured image saves a lot of post processing in software in your final product, while an incorrectly captured image can lead to bad outcomes and poor product performance.

FRAMOS provides the services of an optics lab, and custom optics solutions to help ensure that your project is a success:

  • Lens consultation to help you choose the right lens
  • Optics Customization, including tailoring distortion for wide-angle lenses
  • Lens characterization and Image Sensor Profile (ISP) tuning
  • High quality optical alignment, lens assembly, mounting and gluing
  • Evaluation and testing of optics to ISO, EMVA standards
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Lens and Optics Distribution

Visit our optical products pages for a full list of C-Mount lenses, M12/M10/M8/M6 screw mount lenses, optical filters, and optics accessories including custom designed lens mounts, extension tubes and adapters.

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Optical Modules and Sensor Modules

You can save development effort and reduce product costs with an optical module. Optical modules include a high-performance image sensor module paired with an ideally matched lens and lens mount, which provides easy compatibility with your choice of image processing board via FRAMOS’s standardized PixelMate™ interface.

Optics Consultation

Determine the best optical fit for your project based on the required sensor size and image circle, desired operating range and field of view (FOV), and lens type requirements specific to your application.

Optics for Embedded Vision and Machine Vision Imaging Applications

The right combination of optics and modular components can help you with the development of your embedded vision or machine vision system. You decide whether you simply need to source the right lens for the sensor you have selected, or you can accelerate your product development with an optical module (sensor module and optics) – or a complete development kit.

embedded vision ecosystem

Our modular approach to optics development makes it easy to source exactly the components you need, while putting you in control of your vision system development project.

How to choose the right lens

At FRAMOS, you’ll find a wide range of optics for embedded vision systems and machine vision systems for robotics. FRAMOS also distributes optical components and lenses for building cameras for automotive and industrial applications, compact cameras for sports and content streaming, and vision systems for security applications.

Choosing the right imaging optics for your application can be a challenge, but our whitepaper, “How to Choose the Right Lens” is a great primer to help you get started in selecting the right lens and optical components for your vision system project. Download the whitepaper to learn how the right lens will allow you to leverage the full potential of your camera’s image sensor.

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