Fast and Easy Vision Development from Concept to Production

FSM Startup

FSM Development Kits

with Sony Pregius and Starvis image sensors

Datasheets for all FRAMOS Sensor Modules (stand alone).

Kick Start:

(1) User Manual

Check the completeness of your kit and follow the hardware assembly in the “Start-Up Instructions” section.

(2) Software Packages

Download Drivers and Sample Applications:

NVIDIA Jetson Family
AGX_Xavier-White_Cropped JetsonNano-DevKit_Front-Top_Right_trimmed JetsonTX2DevKit_300px_v4 Jetson_Xavier_NX-Developer_Kit-Front_Top_Right
AGX Orin
AGX Xavier
Orin Nano NX
Xavier NX
TX2 Nano
Common Driver (deb | 46 MB)
Sensors Drivers (Requires Common Driver)
Common Driver (deb | 36.5 MB) 
Sensors Drivers (Requires Common Driver)
Software Package FRAMOS LibSV and Sample Applications
JetPack 5.1.2 / L4T 35.4.1 JetPack 4.6 / L4T 32.6.1 JetPack 4.6.1 / L4T 32.7.1 (limited sensors)

(3) Platform Drivers – User Guide

Follow the corresponding user documentation for the driver installation procedure:

(4) Software Package – User Guide

To use the FRAMOS LibSV C/C++ API and displaying examples, the software applications need to be unpacked and compiled. Instructions can be found in the corresponding user guide:

Further documentation and application examples:

Hardware (PDF)
Further information on hardware and configuration of FSA / FPA Ecosystem adapters

Timing Generator (PDF)
How to install and use the generic software examples