FSM Downloads

Get Started with FSM and FSM:GO

Instructions and resources for your kick-start!


  1. Connect the FSM or FSM:GO to your Platform
    Review the User Manual for handling instructions and technical details.
    Warning: Improper handling or incorrect assemblies might damage the device and void the warranty!
  2. Download Software & Documentation
    Get the latest Drivers, Applications and Documentation from our Resource Center.
  3. Install the Drivers
    Follow the Binary User Guide to install platform and sensor drivers according to your device.
  4. Install the LibSV Applications
    Follow the Software User Guide to install the Example Applications.
  5. Check out the further User Guides (Optional)
    Further details on specific features and use cases can be found in the Further Documentation section.

Any questions or driver source code needed? Contact us at support@framos.com

Resource Center

Software & Documentation