A cost-effective solution to avoid image sensor damage during PCB assembly

Soldering image sensors directly to the PCB can be a very risky and expensive practice in terms of damaging the color array during soldering, scratching the glass cover during cleaning, blistering the PCB when de-soldering a faulty device, and more. With image sensor sockets from Andon Electronics, global imaging expert FRAMOS provides a unique and cost-effective solution.

For camera OEMs and their EMS suppliers, the higher melting point of today’s lead-free (versus tin-lead) solders presents an increased risk of heat-related damage to any image sensor soldered directly to the PC board. Likewise, the higher temperature required to de-solder a faulty or obsolete device increases the risk of damage to the PC board. Heat is not the only risk factor associated to mounting devices directly onto the PCB. Harsh cleaning solutions can scratch the sensor’s glass cover – whose clarity is essential to the proper functioning of the camera. The resulting yield losses – depending on the cost of the device, the frequency of device or board damage, and the labor required to manually solder or de-solder the image sensor – can substantially erode profitability and compromise lead times.

andon-sensor-socketsSoldering image sensors directly to the PCB also means holding up the start of PCB assembly until the devices arrive. The resulting expansion of lead times can compromise competitiveness, customer satisfaction, and sales figures. You can reduce this impact by keeping higher device inventories, but that ties up cash. As the inventor of numerous precision high-reliability sockets for military, aerospace, medical, and commercial use, Andon Electronics has a long history of helping companies protect against device yield losses. Camera OEMs and their EMS suppliers rely on Andon’s unique SENSTAC™ sensor socket contact design, which was developed for military- and aerospace-grade high temperature/humidity/shock/vibration with 25-year life requirements. The company continues to aggressively innovate in ways that provide unique value to image sensor users.

“Andon image sensor sockets are a great complement to all our image sensor lines,” notes Axel Krepil, Director of Sensor+ Business Unit at FRAMOS. “Importantly, they enable us to increase the value we provide to our customers. That’s why, for every customer buying an image sensor, we routinely check to see whether an Andon image sensor socket supports its application and use case.”

Andon’s broad socket line accommodates a wide variety of LCC, PGA, BGA, and DIP footprints utilized by leading image sensor brands like Sony and ON Semiconductor (Aptina and Truesense). With its strong history of “value engineering”, the company is also well equipped to provide custom designs.

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