Andon Sockets Available for New Sony Pregius 5 & 3.2 MP CMOS Sensors with 3.45 µm Pixels for Industrial Applications

Industrial applications require precise image acquisition for fast-moving objects. To address this challenge, Sony has developed the next generation of CMOS image sensors with a global shutter function, available globally from their long-term distribution partner FRAMOS. At just 3.45 µm, the new IMX250/IMX252 family of devices provides the smallest pixels in the industry for this spectrum. As a result, they offer greater sensitivity, less noise, improved image quality, higher resolutions and faster imaging than the existing Sony IMX174/249 sensors (5.86 µm pixels). In addition, they are more sensitive in the infrared spectrum, without the usual distortion.

Axel Krepil, Head of Sensor Division at FRAMOS explains: “As a result of the shrinking process, Sony's new Pregius IMX 250/IMX252 sensors set a new benchmark for industrial applications. With more pixels in the same surface area, a higher potential resolution and smaller cameras are possible. As a result of this innovation, camera manufacturers can offer more compact models with smaller lenses. Since both sensors have the same footprint, the same board can be used for a single range of cameras. Only minor adjustments are required to the lens and electronics due to the differing sensor sizes of 2/3" and 1/1.8". This approach minimises development costs.”

The Pregius IMX250 (5 MP) and IMX252 (3.2 MP) are fitted with many unique functions for industrial end users. With their 1.1 x sensitivity, the smallest pixels in the industry (3.45 µm) represent an impressive development when compared with the existing 5.86 µm products and can achieve high frame rates in 8, 10 and 12-bit ADC modes, for example 163 fps at 8 bits for the IMX250 and 216 fps at 8 bits for the IMX252. In addition, these new CMOS image sensors feature a range of added functions – such as a variable-speed shutter function, different exposure processes, a maximum of 64 definable regions of interest and external trigger modes. These modes allow users to adjust the memory and readout time to suit their requirements using an external trigger signal. The colour image sensors offer subsampling, horizontally and/or vertically inverted readout and a multiple frame output. The monochrome image sensors also have a pixel addition function in addition to colour image functions.

Andon Sockets as an Integral Part of the Image Sensor Equation

As the inventor of numerous high-precision and high-reliability sockets for aerospace, defence and commercial use, Andon Electronics has a long history of helping companies to protect against device yield losses.

More and more high-speed/high-resolution camera makers and their contract manufacturers are soldering Andon sockets, not the image sensors, to the PCB – to avoid image sensor damage from exposure to high-temperature solder, ESD and cleaning solutions; the labour and PC board damage associated with desoldering a faulty device; holding up PCB assembly until the devices arrive; and excessive heat and noise. They rely on Andon’s unique SENSTAC™ sensor socket contact design, which was developed for military/aerospace high-shock and -vibration 25-year life requirements.

Both the Pregius IMX250 and IMX252 work with Andon socket part no. 694-226-TH-491-R27-L14-1 (thru-hole terminal version) and 694-226-SM-500-R27-L14-1 (surface mount terminal version).

Full Portfolio of Industrial Image Sensors from the Global Market Leaders

Framos supplies a full range of CCD and CMOS sensors and associated Andon sockets, including the latest versions of each. As imaging and sensor specialist with over 35 years of experience, the technical experts find the ideal sensor for your camera, application or imaging challenge. Based on close supplier relationships FRAMOS provides a fast and comprehensive support for all questions and challenges in implementing the sensor. Extensive value-added services include calibration, cover glass removal and custom sensor development are offered with support from the partner network.

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