Emergent & FRAMOS are setting new standards for high speed machine vision applications

Emergent Vision’s HS-20000 is setting new standards in ultra-fast high speed imaging for industrial vision applications. Capable of 32 fps at 20 megapixels, the HS-20000 is a breakthrough for the industry, increasing production while maximizing resolution. The HS-20000 is ideal for industrial and medical systems where the ability to detect minute defects while maintaining a high throughput is essential. With a global shutter and 10GigE interface — a world first for the vision industry —the HS-20000 sets unparalleled benchmark performance with an increased bandwidth.  It is capable of high resolution, high frame rate and efficient allocation of bandwidth when utilizing more than one camera through a single connection. The 10GigE interface is GenICam and GigE Vision compatible with the added benefit of a single connection using either SFP+ direct attach or fiber optic for longer interference-resistant cable runs. The HS-20000 is available in either monochrome or color utilizing a 35mm image format allowing for an extensive selection of optics, making the HS-20000 ultra-flexible to meet challenging industrial imaging applications. The high resolution CMOS sensor with Global Shutter ensures zero smearing at ultra-high speeds and, with its high sensitivity, is perfect for low light imaging applications. For example machines can increase accuracy and throughput at the same time. The flexible exposure and integration control optimizes the camera’s exposure under a wide range of lighting conditions and matches the integration time with illumination control for maximum benefit. Dr. Ronald Müller from Emergent Vision’s exclusive distributor FRAMOS: “With this convincing feature set we are proud to have Emergent Vision’s leading HS-20000 completing our strong industry portfolio. It enables applications in Diagnostic Analysis, Semiconductor, Food Inspection, Automotive, Medical Imaging and Entertainment to benefit from the newest imaging technologies and to enhance the quality and profitability.” Publication:
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