Exceptional sensitivity, noise level and color reproduction

Lumenera sets new milestone in industrial camera technology with the latest 6 Megapixel-CCD sensor The Lt665R is Lumenera’s latest high-performance USB 3.0 CCD camera that draws the most from the industry leading Sony EXview HAD II sensor technology. The ICX694 sensor-based Lt665R reliably delivers full resolution frames at the maximum achievable speed. The combination of the ICX694 sensor with an incredibly fast USB 3.0 data interface delivers 6MP at up to 27 fps. This camera with a color or monochrome CCD sensor in 1” optical format provides high resolution of 6MP with an excellent combination of features tailored for applications where high speed, sensitivity and resolution are critical, for example in traffic, tolling, ophthalmology, life sciences, metrology, high-speed inspection, machine vision and NIR applications. Industrial and scientific applications need to make quantifiable measurements or diagnostics based on nuanced color variations or minute details in the image. To provide true-to-life color in a consistent and repeatable manner, Lumenera has designed advanced Color Correction Matrices (CCMs) to better define and contrast colors that are difficult to reproduce including hues of oranges, reds, pinks and yellows. These advanced techniques retune the image to be true to life. The cameras feature lower noise electronics, higher-grade components, and Lumenera's unique thermal management technology. The end result is high quality images with extremely low noise and high dynamic range. The camera includes 128 MB of onboard memory for frame buffering, which ensures dependable and reliable image delivery even in the most demanding environments. For example, a vision system streaming high resolution images while simultaneously executing complex vision algorithms and controlling positioning motors, may experience delayed or suspended response times for a brief instant. When the host response is suspended, built-in memory will temporally hold the image data until the computer is ready to receive once again. Image data will never be lost under reasonable processing conditions. Lumenera is taking the lead with the Lt665R buffer technology which delivers all frames at full speed and max resolution without introducing latency. Dr. Ronald Mueller, Head of Product Marketing at Lumenera’s largest distribution partner FRAMOS: “Lumenera is one of a limited number of camera suppliers to provide the highest possible frame rate that can be achieved with the ICX694 sensor. Another great differentiator is the built-in memory to guarantee the submission of every captured frame and the remarkably low CPU load thanks to onboard pre-processing. We really appreciate that Lumenera places its focus on performance in order to provide end users with the best image quality possible. The 'R' in Lt665R identifies that Lumenera’s expert team has engineered the product to have substantially low read and dark current noise, combined with increased frame rates.” The compact, lightweight yet robust design of this camera, measuring 43 x 43 x 65 mm, ensures easy integration into tight spaces with 4 mounting points on all 4 sides to withstand rugged industrial applications. The fully locking USB 3.0 cabling and digital interface provide a simple plug-and-play installation. No frame grabber is required. Simplified I/O cabling is provided through a locking Hirose connector supporting external power input along with 1 optically isolated output, 1 optically isolated input and 2 configurable I/O ports. The Lt industrial camera family is built in the same environment as the high-end scientific cameras. Lumenera has extensive knowledge in manufacturing sophisticated scientific cameras that are used in microscopy and life science applications and applies this unique knowledge to its industrial cameras. The end result is a high level of product quality, performance repeatability and consistency that is exceptional in the industry.
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