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FRAMOS launches Datalogic’s P-Series According to the latest market research conducted by FRAMOS, almost 60% of all image processing users would like to install new systems within the next two years. The most important features are usability and straightforward integration. This is also reflected in the market’s evaluation of smart cameras: manufacturers and users unanimously agree that these devices are set to increase their share of the image processing market to 35%. With its new P-Series, Datalogic is setting a new standard in image processing by offering extended smart camera functionalities in a fully embedded and compact housing. The cameras of the P-Series are extremely cost-efficient, while their simple implementation offers first-time users a convenient and affordable entry point into the world of image processing and process automation in production environments. Stefan Waizmann, head of product management at Datalogic’s distributor FRAMOS explains the advantages: “Datalogic’s P-Series is not only a compact smart camera, it is a fully embedded vision system. Lenses and illuminators are integrated inside the product housing, easy to mount or replace and protected by the transparent front plastic window. Seven different illuminator options are available according to the specific application requirements. Additional external bulky accessories are no longer needed. Moreover, the connector block can be rotated by 90° allowing cable connections to either the bottom or back-side of the product. The compact dimensions together with the rotating connectors result in extraordinary mounting flexibility for installing even in extremely narrow spaces.” The P-Series is available in two different resolutions: VGA (P10) and 1.3MP (P15). Lenses and illuminators are fully interchangeable and can be mounted and replaced by the user. Five focal lengths and seven lighting options result in 70 different combinations delivering outstanding installation flexibility while offering superior image acquisition capabilities. The P-Series is powered by the IMPACT LITE software package. With more than 25 inspection tools, it revolutionizes device programming by making the inspection configuration quick and intuitive. For outstanding performance, the P-Series smart cameras are equipped with powerful and efficient DSP processors delivering excellent performance with low power consumption and heat generation. With a 660 MHz processor, the computing time of the cost-effective and compact P-Series is just 20% higher compared to other models.  Additionally, specific optimizations have been implemented for the PinPoint Pattern Find tool allowing a dramatically reduced algorithm execution time. These optimizations will be available for all IMPACT-based devices. For effective connectivity, the P-Series Smart Cameras are fully compatible with the existing A30/T4x-Series breakout boards. Customers can use either the simple, cost effective and compact terminal block with DB25 connector or an industrialized sturdy CBX connection box. Power & I/O and Ethernet cables are available in four different length options. Despite its compact dimensions, the P-Series is an extraordinarily rugged smart camera. The full metal housing is IP67 rated, designed for harsh industrial environments with presence of dust and water. Because lenses and illuminators are embedded inside the product housing, no additional enclosures are needed for the smart camera or for any machine vision accessory. These characteristics make P-Series suitable for even the most demanding industries, such as Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Automotive. Publication:
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