FRAMOS® Awarded as One of Three Sony certified “Excellent Warehouses” Globally

The Sony Semiconductor Solution Group announced the FRAMOS® warehouse in Munich, Germany, as one of three Sony certified “Excellent Warehouses” globally.

The Excellent Warehouse 2017 Award dignifies the distribution quality for Sony Semiconductor products based on the distribution activities, an impeccable warehouse performance in addition to seamless management and handling. For FRAMOS, it’s the second SONY Excellent Warehouse Award in a row. FRAMOS also received the SONY “Excellent Warehouse” Award 2016, and the “Qualified Warehouse” Award in 2012. The Sony Semiconductor Group evaluates the result and performance of each distribution warehouse in Sales companies and sales agencies, to ensure the quality of Sony Semiconductor products during distribution.

Johann Resunenko, Head of FRAMOS Warehouse, says: “We are extremely proud to be honored with the Sony Award as an Excellent Warehouse. This mirrors our long experience as Sony partner for 36 years and our constant efforts ensuring a transparent supply chain aligned to our very high quality and process management standards and our certified DIN EN ISO 14644 Clean Room Class 5 environment. For our customers and prospects this award shows our dedication to clear processes and always delivering the best quality Sony products. We can guarantee, for sensors, and all other components, that the goods will be delivered to the customer in the best condition and can be used immediately. Our goal is to continue to improve our standards to be the first European warehouse aligned to Sony’s high-level warehouse standards and achieving their “Most Excellent” award.”

The Sony Warehouse Award is given yearly to honor Sony certified warehouses, with the distinction of Good, Excellent and Most Excellent. The warehouses on excellence level must be a registered partner, certified for at least two years and without any performance errors in the past three years. The award evaluation is based on criteria including standard procedure workflows, minimum failure risk, ESD implementation level, clean room implementation, air conditioning and climate requirements, sensor storing environment and sensor handling. It's not only about perfect storage and documentation, but seamless clean room processes for re-packaging Sony Semiconductor products are a critical component of the award. Only three companies have reached the Excellent level globally, with FRAMOS being the only European winner. The FRAMOS Munich warehouse has 420.000 vision components in stock.

Picture: Sony’s Sakuma Tsuyoshi presents the Sony Excellent Warehouse Award to FRAMOS’ founder Bernd Franz.


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