FRAMOS CMOS Hands-On Training Debuts in London

For the first time, the popular FRAMOS hands-on training “Characterization of a CMOS camera” will be held in the UK, London on March 26 and 27, 2019. In this practical two day course, the renowned expert Prof. Dr. Albert Theuwissen will share his deep knowledge of image sensors with technical imaging engineers involved in solid-state sensor measurements.

The CMOS Hands-on training focuses on the extraction of all performance data of a solid-state camera without knowing how it was designed and built. The techniques learned in this course are ideally suited to benchmark the performance of camera models with other products in the market.

During the two day intensive training, the attendees will experience the pros and cons of solid-state image sensors. The participants learn how to measure camera characteristics using both dark and bright images and to evaluate an existing off-the-shelf camera by measuring various noise components and other electro-optical parameters such as MTF, QE, blooming, linearity, full well capacity, dynamic range and many more. The participants will benefit from the experience gained through this interactive training approach.

“The training teaches knowledge which is not found in books and Prof. Dr. Theuwissen is able to address every question asked. The two days were the right mix between deep technical knowledge while keeping it personal and practical”, said an R&D engineer as an attendee of the CMOS Hands-on training in Munich 2018.

The hands-on training “Characterization of a CMOS camera” takes place at the Mercure London Bloomsbury, March 26-27, 2019. The number of participants is limited with the tickets selling at 1.330,00 GBP or 1.490,00 €. To register your spot for this event click here.

About the Speaker:

Prof. Dr. Albert Theuwissen is one of the most excellent and renowned experts in the field of image sensors. As a part-time professor at the Dutch Delft University of Technology, his main focus is on researching and coaching in the field of CMOS image sensors.  After spending several years as CTO and Lead Scientist for DALSA, he is now fully focused on training, coaching and teaching in the field of solid-state imaging technology with his company, Harvest Imaging. The SMPTE‘s (Society for Motion Pictures and Television Engineers) Fuji Gold Medal was awarded to Dr. Theuwissen for his contributions in research, development and education.

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